Bring your own voice recorder to Psychic Readings

Bring your own voice recorder to Psychic Readings
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Edward Shanahan – Chicago Psychic Reader

Bring your own voice recorder to Psychic
When I’m asked by those interested in having a
Psychic Reading or who request an Entertaining Psychic House Party, if 
they can record the reading(s)?  I say that is fine, but bring your own voice / tape
I suggest that for anyone who is going to have a psychic reading by anyone and they want to record their psychic reading session. Then they will
know that at least what is on the recording is a pure recording as it
Even have a little bit of fun with the psychic, ask
if you can have it recorded, if they do not advertise such a thing, then bring your own recorder. For those who do advertise
‘recorded sessions’,
tell them you would like one, and then just show up with a
Some may wonder why I suggest that?
Because there
has been an underground little booklet out for awhile that tells
individuals who may be interested in such a thing, how to ‘hack’ a ‘
Tape’ recorder, so that after the psychic reading voices can be heard on the tape once the
person who has had the psychic reading, takes the tape home with them and
listens to the psychic reading. 
The Psychic then can say “The spirit of your love
one tried to communicate with you during your psychic reading with me”.
Thus making the psychic seem like the ‘all powerful great one’.
How is it done?
It is very easy. A tape recorder
has an eraser head with one wire that when it is snipped, the eraser head
does not work. So before the client shows up for the reading, the
psychic can take the tape recorder, put a blank tape in it, run the tape
ahead about 20 minutes and then have someone record any type of message on
the tape (maybe the name of the client that and a little message, before the
client shows up). The psychic get’s the clients name and other information when the client calls to make the
So when the client shows up, the psychic starts
recording the psychic reading with THE PSYCHIC’s tape recorder and because the eraser head has been hacked, what was recorded earlier before
the client shows, remains on the tape. When the client replays the tape at
their home, there is a ‘Spiritual Voice’ on the tape speaking to them and
it happened during the psychic reading.
So as I said, if your want your psychic reading
session recorded or the psychic asks if you would like it
recorded, say sure and you just show up with own voice or
tape recorder.
The little underground booklet even suggests that
after the tape has been tampered with, to put the tape back in it’s case
and seal the case with it’s original wrapper and clear glue. This way it
will look like a brand new never opened  tape.

That is why when
someone seeking a psychic reading by me, requests that it be recorded, I
welcome them to do so and to bring their own voice / tape recorder and so
should you if your seeking a psychic reading by someone and you want to
tape it. 

Majority of Psychic Readers will not find this
article negative,
those that do,
Edward Shanahan


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