Holiday Gift Ideas: Free Ghost Tour, Chicago Paranormal Books and Tools, Unique Paranormal Nights, Psychic Readings and more

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Holiday Gift Ideas: Free Ghost Tour, Chicago Paranormal Books and Tools, Unique Paranormal Nights, Psychic Readings and more.
by Edward Shanahan

Well it is that time of year when one searches out a unique gift idea for giving.
One can even be free, like the free App with GPS tour of Chicago lands most haunted road ‘Haunted Archer Avenue Ghost Tour’ and nearby locations, including the Resurrection Mary Haunts.

If you live within 100 miles of Chicago, the App / GPS tour will take you from your location to the very first stop and every stop that follows. Each stop comes with an audio tour guide giving the historic and paranormal history of the location. This allows you to tour more locations, at your own pace and explore the locations as you desire and for as long as you desire for free.

This App also has photos for reference of each stop you visit. Nearly 20 paranormal locations on the tour and it is free at iTunes or Apple’s App store. Go to either location and in the App section do a search for Geotrio Tours and if your within 100 miles of Chicago, it will be downloaded for free.

It is like receiving a free paranormal photo book with audio history and GPS to take you from place to place. The other nice thing about it is you can take a Chicago Ghost Tour for free.

Here is a letter I received about the ‘Haunted Archer Avenue Ghost Tour’ free App (and yes I’m the creator of it with Geotrio Tours):

“Hi Ed!
I just downloaded and listened to the Archer Tour App. I grew up nearby so I know all the places well. Even I learned a few new things. What a great app and what a great job!! Thank you for your time and hard work.

Take care and have a great Holiday!
Michael Kravchuk aka The Ghost Gadget Guy”

One more free gift idea that can be given at any time and is special to the receiver and giver:
When your out and about in the stores the next couple of weeks and you see a child looking up or across at you, give the child a smile. It is a simple gift to give and for many children during this time of year and with the situation many families are in, it could be the nicest gift and a child’s smile back for no other reason then to smile at you, is priceless.

Then there are the Chicago Paranormal Books, Paranormal Tools, Pendulums, Black Mirrors, Dowsing Rods, Ouija Boards, Tarot Cards and more at one web page that has put them all together by way of, you know the company, I’m providing the one stop web page to find what may be of interest.
You can find the items at:

Maybe the interest is in Chicago Paranormal Nights with each night ending with a Seance? These Paranormal Nights can be either a public paranormal night that is shared and experienced with others or a private paranormal night for just you and your friends at one of three locations documented to be haunted. I am the paranormal host and each night ends with a seance.
You can read the comments from past Chicago Paranormal Nights at:

More details on both public and private Chicago Paranormal Nights plus a free e-mail monthly newsletter can be found at:

Entertaining Psychic House Parties and Public Readings. A house party with private readings or what I call Readings in The Round, and entertaining fun night of Psychic Readings for all. You can also have two Psychic Readers.

Details on Entertaining Psychic Readings by Edward Shanahan can be found at:

I wish you all a very nice Holiday and remember it’s not the gift given, it is the heart of the one giving the gift.

Edward Shanahan

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