Coming - Free Chicago area Haunted Archer Avenue Tour at any time you desire.

Coming - Free Chicago area Haunted Archer Avenue Tour at any time you desire.
St. James / Monks Castle
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Coming: Free Chicago area Haunted Archer Avenue Tours at any time you desire.
by Edward Shanahan

For those who live in or travel to the Chicago land area, there has been a major project I have been working
on and it will allow you and your
family and friends to have FREE paranormal ghost tours, at your own pace along with when you desire to take it or even repeat it, all for free.

This will allow you to explore and experience all the haunted and paranormal locations that are tied to the much written about haunted road ‘Archer Avenue’ and starting just S.W. of Chicago at the gates of Resurrection Cemetery. Then it takes you to locations like the cemetery that have sculptures of the heads of some of those buried at the grave site. The Spirit of Diane Masters, Resurrection Mary haunts, The Native American Healing Waters, Monks Castle, a location that is like stepping back in to time and is reported to be very haunted. This free paranormal ghost tour download also includes 6 cemeteries in all, do to their paranormal stories or strange uniqueness. Nearly 20 stops in all.

A company came to me awhile back to
create this and it should be released by Apple in about a week or two the
latest. It is an APP that you can download to smart phones, iPhones and iPads etc..

It is
a combination of things, it is a GPS guided tour that you can start 100 miles
away and it will guide you to the 1st stop and every stop after. Photos
of each location, voice descriptions of the history and paranormal history
along with some of my experiences at locations.

This will be a FREE TO DOWNLOAD for all, as I have worked / assisted ghost bus tours when they come to this area, as they have asked me to assist, but I want to see individuals take the full paranormal ghost area tour (nearly 20 stops), at their own pace that allows them to explore and experience the locations.

Nearly 20 stops are on the first
one to be released and it will be “Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue” and more
locations along the Archer Ave area. I have lived all of my 50 plus
years 10 minutes from that area and right in the center of it all with The
Irish Legend, a location that is in Willow Springs, IL and I hold either public or private Chicago Paranormal Nights on almost every Saturday night and some weekday nights if I’m not requested in advance at another historic haunted location. Each Chicago Paranormal Night ends with my ‘Circle of Energy Seance’. Dates have already be picked for 2011 for Private Chicago Paranormal Nights as they run all year long.

The free download tours are kind of like a paranormal book that will give you a tour or a tour
that is like a talking paranormal book with photos (all taken by me as is the one in this article), and a GPS to guide you all the different locations. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery area tour and more is the
next one on the list and that is almost done.

To be informed as soon as it is
released, I will be posting the information at these two sites, so sign
up for one of them:

My Face Book page at:

Now – Chicago Tribune affiliated web site:

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Happy Hauntings,

Edward Shanahan
Spirit Feeler, Paranormal Host, Entertaining Psychic Parties.

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