Why I do Chicago Paranormal Nights and Psychic Readings by Edward Shanahan

Why I do Chicago Paranormal Nights and Psychic Readings by Edward Shanahan

Why I do Chicago Paranormal Nights and Psychic Readings
by Edward Shanahan

I mentioned it during the in studio interview I had in May 2010 on the WGN Chicago Now radio show. But let us go back to 1975 when I was 17 and wandering around the Chicago S.W. historic haunted cemetery, yes there was paranormal activity and experiences that made my buddy Dave and I run to my car and speed out there.


Well since 1975 was 35 years ago, I could claim over 35 yrs of paranormal experience, heck I could even maybe say since 1969 I had an interest in Magick and Psychic stuff when I was just a kid, as that is when I was first interested in a black mirror, Tarot cards etc.. when I seen them in a little new age store in Ford City Mall back then.

Yes I could claim all those years of experience in the paranormal, as others seem to, but being honest to my self and all the individuals I work with today, the cemetery experience was in all truth, just good teenage spooky fun back then. The Magick items, was a major interest for me, but my mother said I was not yet ready.

I went public with what I do in 2003, Palm Readings, Psychometry One on One, Conscious Channeling and the Paranormal Experiences. I had my own public access cable TV show in the Chicago land area back in 2004 called The Unexplained World. Now I co-host of The Unexplained World – Internet radio broadcast since 2006 with Annette who has been a High Priestess for over 20 yrs. Four paranormal authors have included me in their paranormal books and I have done paranormal segments for a Chicago TV show and a British TV show.

But what made me go public was the miracle that the medical field called ‘a miracle’ and


Chicago’s Miracle Child’s headstone.

happened for my granddaughter, it was wished upon by me, a wishing and praying that went deep into the soul and was also brought about I believe by my visit to the Miracle Child’s grave site. I even offered up my own life in exchange for this little baby to be cured, as I lived my life.
I call her ‘God’s little Angel’.

The Spiritual side provided the Miracle. I then started to receive dream messages, one was – what I would have to do, because of the miracle and that was to open more people up to the experience of the Spiritual / Spirit World so individuals know it exists by experiencing it and I believe that is why the experiences for many are so strong at times, as that is what the Spiritual side wants and allows to happen.

That happens with the paranormal night outings and I have been gifted the ability to allow the happenings that usually occur during my Circle of Energy Seance at the haunted locations. Also right before the start of my seance, I do conscious channeling for those who bring items of loved ones who have passed away.

Dream messages I still receive, to guide me in the direction I should and should not go. Even when to end some things in the paranormal field and with what I do with the psychic readings.

I’m a total believer in the Spiritual World and that has been shown in requesting other healing miracles at times and knowing where the living human abilities are limited when dealing with the Spiritual and Spirit side and much more that I will not discuss here, as it is internal knowledge gifted and if only needed by one, to be shared knowledge.

But for me to also never forget that one will not know all about the Spiritual World until one becomes a non living soul again. Also remember that no one is more powerful then the Spiritual World, as it would not be allowed by the Spiritual World.

Edward Shanahan provides Entertaining Psychic House Parties and
Chicago Paranormal Nights and Private Paranormal Nights for individuals
and their friends.


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