Paranormal Investigations, A Modern Day Seance?

Paranormal Investigations, A Modern Day Seance?
Haunted Humphrey House

Paranormal Investigations, A Modern Day Seance?
by Edward Shanahan

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A couple months ago I was finishing up a Chicago Paranormal Night with a group of individuals at one of the regular haunted historic locations I hold the paranormal nights at. As always my paranormal nights have a seance performed by me to finish off the night and hopefully allow the individuals present to experience the spirits that may be at the location.

Upon getting ready to leave the location at the end of our night, we came across an individual who requested a paranormal investigation team to be with him as he wanted to have the investigation team make contact with spirits at the location, as the location can be very active. It blew my mind when someone overheard the individual who requested the team, tell one of the team members “If I knew there was going to be a seance here tonight, I would never booked the night”.

That has to be one of the funnier paranormal things I have recently heard, as I consider paranormal investigations as being somewhat like a modern day seance. Another strange thing I heard was an interview by a couple investigators who said they only tie in information of deaths, killings etc; to a location if there is factual accounts to back it up. Yet the same team also uses and praises the findings of a psychic that they bring to the locations and also base their findings on what the psychic tells them by what the psychic feels.

So why may Paranormal Investigations be considered a modern day seance? Let’s count some of the ways:

  1. Investigators attempt to have spirits communicate with them, by talking to the spirits and using recorders to capture EVPs. Psychic / Medium attempts to have the spirits communicate to them or the group present.
  2. Investigators gather in small groups, in an attempt make contact with a spirit or the spirit make contact with the investigators. A Psychic / Medium has a gathering of people to make contact with a spirit or the spirit to contact them during the seance.
  3. Investigators attempt to have others believe what they gather as evidence using paranormal tools, is actual evidence and facts of a haunting or spirits at a location. Psychics / Mediums express what they gather by way of their abilities as information of a location being haunted.
  4. Investigators hope to capture and view something paranormal with the use of cameras. Psychics / Mediums attempt to have a spirit show or give signs of them being there.

That is just a start for comparing paranormal investigations and seances. The combination of the two – paranormal investigations and seances / psychics / mediums working together can bring about results beyond what they would be if either was flying solo at a paranormal location.

Working together the Psychic / Medium can point areas of the location out and the investigators can confirm it with their paranormal tools. In my case I do that and hope either with EMF meters or cameras, what I am feeling can be confirmed.

I also attempt in my seances to have the spirits interact with the individuals present, so the individuals can experience the spirit world but also has provided some great results for those present with paranormal investigation equipement.

There is still a major role for Psychic / Mediums, as you may see if you watch some of the paranormal TV shows. Even when a team says they only go by the facts pertaining to a possible haunted location and why it may be haunted, they still can not resist bringing a Psychic / Medium in to assist them in their findings.

Edward Shanahan is a Chicago area Paranormal Spiritual Feeler and Reader. He holds Chicago Paranormal Nights at Haunted Historic Locations for individuals can attempt to experience the Spirit World and explore paranormal locations and Shanahan starts the paranormal nights with Psychic Readings and ends the night at the paranormal location with his ‘Circle of Energy Seance’.
Chicago Paranormal Nights at Haunted Historic Locations

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