Chicago Pagan Pride 2010 Harvest in the City

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Chicago Pagan Pride 2010 Harvest in the City
by Edward Shanahan

Saturday, August 14, 2010
~ Historic Pleasant Home on Mills Park ~
~ 217 Home Avenue ~
Oak Park, Illinois 60302

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Celebrating their 9th Annual Pagan Pride Day in August 2010!

Harvest in the City; A Celebration in Diversity

Limited spaces still available for Vendors. Please email them at for details.

Food donations will go directly to Southwest Chicago PADS.


1:00-1:45 George Marshall- Spirits of Place Sherry Gilles- Mandelas Jory Brown-Lucid Dreaming.

1:45-2:30 David Spellsinger- Daoshadru Dorie Modryzk- Working with Crystals and Shauna Aura – Raising the Sacred Fire: Building and Moving Energy in Ritual

2:30-3:15 RIP Midwest Paranormal Activity Phyllis Steinhauser- Asatru 101

3:15-4:00 Rev Eva Marquez- Healing arts with Crystals Stan -Modryzk- Constructing & Conducting Group Rituals

4:00- 4:45 RIP Midwest-Mediumship & Trans-Channeling Johnny Rapture-The origin of Witchcraft and Mark Mandrake-Intro to Alchemy


1:00-1:30 DJ Jander

1:30-1:40 Devona Ankhsunamon -Belly dancer

1:40-2:00 DJ Jander

2:00-2:30 Terra Mysterium-Performance troupe

2:30-3:00 David Spellsinger- Bard

3:00-3:10 Devona Ankhsunamon Belly dancer

3:10-3:30 DJ Jander

3:30-4:00 Terra Mysterium-Performance troupe

4:00-4:30 Amy Christenson-Goddess Songs

Youth Activities

1:00-1:45 Make a wish bracelet

1:24-2:30 Story time and Sing-along

2:30-3:15 Draw A Mandala Activity with Sherry

3:15-4:00 Make a Magick Wand

4:00-4:45 Make a Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Vendors Merchants, Readers Healers and Community Booths

Gaia’s Harvest Herbs, Carol and Earl, Evalistic Healing Center, Mystic Moon Elements, Magickal Mall, Circle of the Spirit Tree, Lost in the Maille, Mystic Beauty, Unique Visions by Jen, Gemvine Creations, Tranzformation Rosina, The Naked Parrot, Crowning Glory Braids, Traditional Treasures, Witch Hat Society, Brotherhood of the Phoenix, DuPage Universal Unitarian Church, Barbara Farr- Reiki healing, The Troth, Urnes Ash Tree, Vermorlian


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