The original Chicago paranormal ghost tour expert: Richard Crowe


The original Chicago paranormal ghost expert and Chicago ghost tours: Mr. Richard Crowe.
by Edward Shanahan

Mr. Richard Crowe was the first to be heard talking on a regular basis about the paranormal on Chicago radio back in the mid 1970’s and informing individuals about the haunted locations in the Chicago land area. Not only during Halloween, but other times throughout the year he could be heard, I know as I was a listener my self and he was the one who inspired me to go search out Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery back in 1976.

He was the first to I ever heard to talk about Resurrection Mary and the cemetery gates and finger prints on the gate. Also the Miracle Child’s grave site, the ghost light seen over Maple Lake at night and many more areas. Many of today’s Chicago paranormal authors were about seven or eight years old (if that), when Mr. Crowe was talking about Chicago ghosts on the radio.

He also could actually be called the first Chicago Paranormal Researcher and Ghost Hunter and no one can deny that he is the first Chicago Paranormal Expert and the majority still considers him ‘The Expert’. We have to remember that there was no World Wide Web to go and search up information or use an others work and then talk or write about it as being your own knowledge about a location (yes it’s something to see your original words about a location appear in a book a few years later and not get credit for it). No Internet radio paranormal shows, no daily paranormal TV shows. Nothing! Mr. Richard Crowe researched and researched the information he presents as no one else was there doing it or to copy from.

Richard Crowe has both a BA and MA in English Literature from DePaul University and organized the very first ghost bus tour in the world, the Chicago Ghost Tour, for DePaul’s Geographical Society while finishing his studies there in 1973.

“The Chicago Supernatural Tours” are and have always been hosted by Mr. Richard Crowe, he is your paranormal tour guide.

As the original, full-time professional ghost hunter in the Midwest, Richard Crowe is very popular on the TV and radio talk show circuit. He has appeared on cable and network TV on programs ranging from “Oprah” to “Unsolved Mysteries” to “Haunted History.” His radio appearances have included WGN’s Steve and Johnnie Show, WIND’s Geoff Pinkus Show, WLS’s Roe Conn Show and George Noory’s “Coast to Coast.” Crowe is a long time member and booster of the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau (CCTB), the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, and the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce.

Crowe lives in a reputed haunted house in the southwest suburbs with Carmilla, his black cat, surrounded by antiques and haunted artifacts. His book, CHICAGO’S STREET GUIDE TO THE SUPERNATURAL, is a local bestseller in multiple printings.

For more details on The Chicago Supernatural Tours, that are bus tours and boat cruise, can be found at:
Chicago Supernatural Tours with Richard Crowe

Richard Crowe as far back as 1985 on TV’s PM magazine talking about
John Dillinger’s Ghost and locations from Indiana to Chicago.

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