Chicago Paranormal Locations to Explore and Experience Tour Nights - update and video


Chicago Paranormal Locations to Explore and Experience Tour Nights – update.
by Edward Shanahan

The open to the public paranormal dates have been updated for Chicago land area historic locations that are haunted and will explored and experienced.

The dates include the week of Halloween on the day that the full moon falls on and the night when the veil is the thinnest, the night before Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve with a seance taking you past midnight right in to Halloween.

As a Psychic Spirit Feeler these are locations that not only have I experienced the spirits at them during the past years, but I will guide you to the different areas in the buildings for you to possibly experience paranormal activity. Each one of the haunted locations documented by Paranormal Investigation Teams and are locations I have been to before the TV cameras and paranormal shows showcased

There is even a paranormal over night experience on a haunted farm in IL that we will explore all that it offers on August 21st. All locations and dates include brief Psychic readings for individuals, paranormal tools that include night vision goggles for individuals to use. A paranormal investigation team to assist you and before the seance.

I also will do Conscious Channeling with an item of a loved one that past away (should be items like eye glasses, ring, watch etc..items that picked up the love ones energy from wearing it), bring the item with you.

Also Private Paranormal Nights for you and your friends, corporate events, group gatherings
etc.can be arranged at one of four haunted historic locations for a entertaining paranormal

You can find details on Private Paranormal Nights at the web page below.

View the video below taken last October that appeared on Chicago TV, and has
to do with the haunted Scutt Mansion in Joliet, IL

Recent comments below are from those who have experienced a paranormal night with me.

* Information and More details can be found at:
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Recent Comments:

Comment from June 2010 Private Paranormal Night at The Stag’s Head in Willow Springs, IL
Had a great time last night at Stag’s Head, Ed! I’m still in a bit in shock by the overwhelming
feeling I had in the closet of that last room. I couldn’t control the strong physical and emotional feeling I had! The first thing I did when I got home was grab my dog and check my bedroom closet!!”
Eileen Ryan

Comment from June 2010 – Private Paranormal Night and Seance at the haunted: The Stag’s Head in Willow Springs, IL “WOW is all I can say and to hell with attics (seance area). NO MORE attics for me. Lex did not tell me while we were at the (seance), table but their was an orb on my left shoulder the WHOLE TIME, hence the reason I felt like I was gonna pass out the whole time and like someone was sucking the energy out of me the entire time.” Renee Jahnke


Comment from May 2010 – Public Paranormal Night and Seance at the haunted: The Stag’s Head in Willow Springs, IL “Our team had a wonderful time doing the investigation at Stags. We were all very impressed with our mini readings, and commented how right on the head Ed was with all of us.Great experience..thanks!” Laura from SNAPIT (SuperNatural and Paranormal Investigation Team)


Comment from April 2010 – Private Paranormal Night and Seance at the haunted: The Stag’s Head in Willow Springs, IL “Thank you as well for giving us the opportunity to experience what we did on Saturday. We’re all still talking about it. I think everyone in the group was very intrigued and we are all looking to get together and accompany you on some of your future tours, although none of us think that we’re “brave” enough to do an overnighter, just yet.  LOL!” Claudia


Comment from March 2010 – Private Paranormal Night and Seance at the haunted: The Stag’s Head in Willow Springs, IL “Everyone had such an amazing time!! You were the talk of the convention Sunday morning. 🙂 Thank you so much! We’re going to try and set this up again for next year!” Andie


Comment from February 2010 – Paranormal Night and Seance at the haunted: The Stag’s Head in Willow Springs, IL “Hello Edward, I was the girl sitting to your left at the seance. First of all, I had an incredible evening. I mentioned to you after the seance that I organize tours in my town of  Rockford, Illinois. I have also traveled the country visiting haunted sites from St. Augustine to the Whaley house in San Diego. I also need to mention that I have had “feelings” at some of these sites, you know where the hairs stand up on the back of your neck? But really haven’t had any experiences to write about.
I can say with all honestly I got a little more than that. I am not sure if that night was just an
ordinary night for you. Do you usually get such a strong response?

I want to repeat again that I have never experienced anything like this in my 10 years of traveling to haunted places, working with psychics, and researching people’s stories.

I am awed by this experience and even though I .work with a couple of psychics who I feel are
legitimate,.I was very impressed by your ability. I also hope that I might be able to communicate with you to help me.understand what happened to me. I could feel the power of that group and maybe it was.just a fluke thing and it will never happen again. Or maybe you helped me tap into something that didn’t even knew existed with in me.

Of course it would be my luck to tap into a man like the one last night. I couldn’t have contacted some little old lady who knitted.

Thank you so much for an incredible evening. I am sure I will be attending more events in the future. Maybe you could visit somewhere a little tamer next time? (I am only half serious) “.
Sincerely, Kathi Kresol ( the above post is a portion of the whole letter )

Video showcased on Chicago area TV

Edward Shanahan web site

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