Video - Chicago area's most haunted paranormal location: Archer Ave - Tour

Video – Chicago area’s most haunted paranormal location: Archer Avenue – Tour
by Edward Shanahan
Chicago Paranormal Feeler – Psychic Reader

Three years ago on one Sunday morning I woke up and decided to go video tape one of the most haunted areas in the Chicago land area, the road called Archer Avenue. So I picked up the video recorder, jumped in to the car and headed out and drove the road that all my life I have lived 8 minutes away from. Also included in this video tour, is the area that the Grimes Sisters were found, Resurrection Mary and the cemetery she is from, the area of road I have named ‘The Stretch Of Death’ and other locations.

The area covered in the video footage tour is in the S.W.Suburbs that Archer Avenue runs through. The video was done so others could have a chance to view the area that they may of read about in paranormal books. I hope you enjoy the tour, what you see is how it was video taped along the road that was first used by Native American Indians.

What this video tour provides, is a video that was not created to be marketed to make money, but a tour for those interested in the paranormal, ghosts, the supernatural and haunted Chicago area locations. It was video taped by one who has actually lived in the area all of his life and has been involved with the paranormal and written about in four paranormal books by four different authors that included information about these locations.


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