Paranormal Full Moon Overnight Experience at Haunted Hotel with Chicago Bielski and Shanahan - Join Them.

The full Moon will
rise on June 26th

and light the path to the Morris Mill Hotel, for you to tour, explore and experience the location overnight.

A location documented by many as being haunted and with a history of hauntings and those famous who visited this location over the years including the Jesse James Gang.

The Morris Mill Hotel history also includes

Bertha Gifford, the nation’s first female serial killer, lived and
worked here at the hotel, and is buried within walking distance. She
killed over 20 children and numerous adults with arsenic-laced

This place has been a
private home,
speakeasy, brothel, half
way house, Confederate Hospital, Underground Railroad stop, Indian Burial
Site, Post Office, multiple murder scene spanning decades, hanging scene and
several known murderers have visited and stayed here.

Chicago top paranormal author Ms. Ursula Bielski and Chicago’s paranormal spirit feeler Edward Shanahan on the full moon night of June 26th invite you to become a part of this Beyond the Veil overnight experience with them.

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