Old Soul or Young Soul? Spiritual Knowledge Difference

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Old Soul or Young Soul? Spiritual Knowledge Difference.
by Edward Shanahan
Chicago Psychic Reader and Spirit Feeler.

Reincarnation many believe in as do I. When I am reading palms, one of the first things I look at, is to see if the person being read is an old or young soul and there is a difference between the two.
The interesting thing and mistake some make in their thinking about reincarnation, is that we come back here (in the living), to learn more or something.

Yet those who are old souls, know something different about reincarnation and agree to the thought that it’s not the coming back to the living that we learn, it’s going back to the spiritual or spirit side that we learn. Each time we go back, we are allowed more knowledge about the spiritual / spirit side.

That is why the majority of those who are old souls, also have what I call internal knowledge (spiritual knowledge), have the ability to tap in to the spiritual side either in an awake state or dream state, they are very intuitive and usually have some type of psychic abilities.

Another thing I have learned throughout the years of doing readings and also being involved in the paranormal field and working with those in the Chicago land area who have an interest in the supernatural / paranormal, is that being an old soul and young soul also plays out in the paranormal field.

I have found that the majority of those who are paranormal investigators or those who are seeking proof of spirits or the other side as some may call it, also those who are afraid of spirits, ghosts or whatever title is given and many skeptics are usually young souls. They have not yet gained the internal knowledge that is gained by returning often to the spiritual side, so the curiosity, fear or disbelief is there.

The old souls usually need no proof, know spirits are around us, have some or much internal knowledge about the spiritual world and are open to it and many even welcome Spirits. Old souls usually know when they are in the company of another old soul and understands the needs of the young soul to know or find out more while in the living.

There is nothing wrong with being a young soul, as eventually you will become an old soul.

Edward Shanahan – an old soul

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