Karma - How do you wish it?

Karma – How do you wish it?
by Edward Shanahan

You either love it or hate it, depending what side of Karma you are on. There are some individuals who preach “just let Karma take care of it and don’t worry about it karma will take care of it”. Yet they are the same one’s that when someone ticks them off, you may hear them say ‘Karma will take care of them or Karma will come back to bite them”. They in reality are wishing for Karma to do it’s thing. I know as I’ve heard it from those who preach don’t wish Karma on others.

One thing I learned awhile back, is some people have the ability to wish negative on those who have done the person wrong. It is an ability and a very strong ability. The thing I also learned, is be prepared to give something up in return. A negative wish placed on a person can come about if the learned ability is there, but before one wishes such a thing on a person, they should weigh it against the return, as there will be something negative in return to the person who wished it. But at times, some feel the trade off is justified and at times it can be, depending what was done to them and the results depends on one’s knowledge, abilities and strength in wishing or sending negative to others.

Annette who is my co-host on The Unexplained World, Internet radio broadcast and is a High Priestess of her own Coven for over twenty years, assisted me a few years ago in stopping the ‘”wishing or sending” when I felt it was justified and knowing the ability was strong, it was a hard thing to stop, but it has.

In the process of learning self control over this, came another knowledge about Karma and when one has done you wrong. If your a person with strong ties to your Spirit Guides (first level being your love ones who have passed away), or the Spiritual Side, something I have learned and it does not come back on you in any way.

Is to just ask your Spirit Guides or Spirit World to handle it. Just look up and ask them to handle it, the person or situation and let your anger, hurt or whatever, be taken by them, as they become the judge and jury.

What you will learn, is the Spirit world does a much better job with the pay back of Karma and if the loved ones who passed away protected you in the living, their protection is much stronger in the Spirit world and you did not wish anything on anyone, you just asked the Spirit Guides to handle it as they wish.
Edward Shanahan

Spirit Feeler, Chicago Psychic Reader, Conscious Channeling,
Medium and Chicago Paranormal Nights.

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