Going to Record Your Psychic Reading Session? Bring the Recorder

Going to Record Your Psychic Reading Session? Bring the Recorder.
by Edward Shanahan 
Chicago Psychic Reader and Spirit Feeler.

There is a reason I mention to bring your own voice recorder to any psychic reading session you may have if you desire to record the session and it will be explained below.

Being a Psychic Reader in the Chicago land area, I have no problem with individuals bringing a voice recorder to record their session, matter of fact I enjoy doing what I call ‘Readings In The Round’, that is doing all the readings at a party out in the open for all there to hear and it is entertaining. Also I put my self out there and do my conscious channeling with items of loved ones who have passed away, in front of all present or on stage.

If a Psychic Reader or Medium offers to record the session for you and give you the tape afterwards, let them know you will bring your own voice recorder and tape if a tape is required for the recorder. The reason I highly recommend this is for the reason that the eraser head for the recorder can be hacked.

This is what could happen: Let’s say your name is Nichole and you make an appointment to visit a Psychic Reader or Medium and they ask if you want the session recorded or not (they may highly suggest it and will provide a recording of it at no cost). You agree to have it taped recorded.

If the psychic has a hacked voice tape recorder, before they meet with you they can sit down with the tape recorder and advance the tape, let’s say twenty minutes. Once this is done the psychic can talk into the tape recorder in a different voice or have another person do so, mentioning Nichole (your name), as you will be the person who will be read later in the day and maybe even a message or two will be added following your name.

Then the tape would be rewound to the beginning and put back in it’s case and sealed back up.

So when you show up, the psychic pulls the tape out of the case and starts recording the session. Since this is a hacked eraser head tape recorder, what was ever recorded on the tape earlier, will remain on the tape and not be erased and become part of the taped session.

If this is being done by a psychic, you may find the psychic during the session, touching base about or having a discussion about a love one of yours who has passed away.

That is fine and makes for a nice reading session. Either later that day or a few days later, you may sit down to listen to your session you had with the psychic.

But when you listen to it, unknown to you until listening to the tape. You hear what sounds like a Spirit was present or showed up during your reading with the psychic, one that knows your name and you hear it over your own voice and the psychics.

This could happen around the same time the psychic and you discussed a love one who passed away. Remember the psychic knew how many minutes in to the tape and the session they needed to discuss your love one.

Well needless to say once you hear the spirit calling out your name, you may feel this was the best psychic you have come across because of what you hear later on the tape that was recorded during your session and you for sure need to go back to that psychic reader as soon as you can.

So when planning on having your session with a psychic recorded, bring your own voice recorder and tape (if needed), with you and then you can base the psychic reading session on the reading presented to you, not based on what may of happened before you showed up.

Edward Shanahan

Edward Shanahan – Chicago Psychic Reader web site


(c) 2010 Edward Shanahan

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