The Chicago Miracle Child

The Chicago Miracle Child grave site for miracles
by Edward Shanahan                         



 The grave site of Mary Alice Quinn, known to the Paranormal world but also known to the Spiritual and miracle seeking world as the Chicago Miracle Child. Since 1935 individuals seeking hope and miracles have come to the grave site of Mary Alice Quinn to pray and ask for a miracle for the sick, children and loved ones.

A Franciscan Brother has informed me that Mary Alice Quinn is considered an unofficial Chicago Saint.

Mary Alice Quinn at a young age was visited by a religious figure. From then on she decided to devote the rest of her young life to religion and Saint Theresa. It became apparent that she had the power to heal and she used this power on sick people through out the south side of Chicago (reason for the name Miracle Child). She made it known that even after death she wanted to be able to continue to help people from beyond the grave.

She died tragically at the age of 14. But she was very determined to keep her promise as she appeared to people across the world immediately after her death in 1935 and throughout 1940’s.Soon people were visiting her grave site at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery on a daily basis.

About eight years ago I walked the grounds of Holy Sepulcher Cemetery seeking out her site and approached it with my head down, humble and my heart crying out for a miracle for one of God’s littlest angels. I believed deep in my heart in the possibility of a miracle and I was not looking for something on the Paranormal side, but looking for a spiritual miracle.
The miracle requested, was delivered as something Medical Specialist actually called a miracle, my story has been documented in the book ‘Voices From The Chicago Graves’ about this grave site and my going there and what medically happened for a child very close to my heart.

At times I have been asked to go with individuals to pray for their ill love ones, that is something I will attempt to do for those who’s loved ones need a healing miracle, but anyone with the desire for a miracle that comes from deep in their heart, needs no other person with them and no greater strength then their belief in a miracle and their higher power.

On the Supernatural side, many have reported going to the grave site in the middle of winter with snow on the ground and being surrounded by the smell of roses once they finish praying.

(c) 2010 Edward Shanahan

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