Entertaining Chicago Psychic Reading Parties and Paranormal Nights for you - plan now

Chicago area Psychic Reader, Paranormal Spirit Feeler and Medium, Edward Shanahan, is a provider of entertaining psychic parties and paranormal nights from Chicago and the suburbs to N.W. Indiana.

Edward Shanahan’s abilities and knowledge at paranormal locations and their Spirits, have graced the pages of four paranormal books and his Seances at Chicago area haunted historic locations have been showcased on Chicago television and in suburban newspapers.

With very large groups for entertaining Psychic Parties, as many as 40 individuals, Annette who co-hosts The Unexplained World – Internet radio show with Shanahan, joins him when two readers are requested or required. Annette is the only one he is comfortable with assisting him, as she can be trusted in providing readings that individuals praise and are entertained. They have been long time friends and Annette has over twenty years of Tarot, Runes and Past Lives readings experience. They both have the same goal, to entertain those they are working with.

Edward does Palm, Psychometry One on One readings and Conscious Channeling Psychometry readings with the items of loved ones who have passed away. Edward and Annette also can provide Psychic Readings that most Psychic Readers would never attempt, as it gutsy to do so, Shanahan came up with it and has been doing it for a few years now – his ‘ Readings In The Round ‘. These are entertaining readings right in front of everyone present and they have been proven to be very entertaining when it is just family and friends at the Psychic Readings Party.

The Paranormal Nights provides a mixture of Psychic Readings, paranormal tour of the haunted historic location, assisting those attending with investigating and exploring the historic buildings and spirits present. Shanahan finishes the night with a Seance at the location. Not the type of Seance that has the Medium sitting there and saying this or that with what they feel and see, but one that he goes deep within to attempt to have the Spirits at the location interact with those attending the Seance, so the individuals are the ones telling what is there, what they feel and see, for they can have the paranormal experiences and an entertaining paranormal night.  

Before the Seance starts, Shanahan invites those who have items of their loved one that have passed away, to lay them down on the table in front of him, and he will attempt his Conscious Channeling Psychometry with the items to attempt to pick up the Spirit with the energy left on the items. Those who sit at the table during the Seance are chosen by the Spirits of their loved one who have passed away. Shanahan feels this is the only fair way to do it and he has no say in who sits at the table.

A bonus for public locations that book Edward Shanahan or both Annette and Edward for public readings, is the free exposure on their radio broadcast for the location and date they will be appearing, along with the three and soon to be four web sites Shanahan operates and also the major news blogs he writes for.

The haunted historic locations are just that, buildings like the Senator Humphrey House in Orland Pk, The Stag’s Head in Willow Springs, the Scutt Mansion in Joliet and Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum in Rockford. These are locations that have a historic history, a paranormal history and are documented by paranormal investigators as haunted places, that individuals are allowed to explore and experience on the Paranormal Nights with Shanahan.

The Paranormal Nights are open to the public by reserving or can be private gatherings for families and friends to experience together.

Some Dates for the Psychic Parties are open starting in June right until the end of the year (for October – book early), also the same goes for the Paranormal Nights. Edward Shanahan has already set aside an ‘ All Hallows Eve – Paranormal Night ‘ that will be public, as it is the night that the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest.

For more information about either Psychic Parties or Paranormal Nights, to read comments from those who hosted either a Psychic Party or Paranormal Night or to see dates and locations that Paranormal Nights are open to the public, see the link below.

Edward Shanahan – Psychic Readings Web Site (and includes Annette).

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