Chicago areas Paranormal Gem - Haunted Scutt Mansion, Joliet,IL

Chicago areas Paranormal Gem – Haunted Scutt Mansion, Joliet,IL.
by Edward Shanahan


Evidence on top of evidence from Chicago area paranormal investigators, the latest being Illinois Paranormal Research Association, and also in the recent past, Prairie State Paranormal, Latin American Paranormal Society, Indiana Ghost Trackers, along with the many other investigation teams that have entered this building. Their findings all point to one thing, this location is very haunted.

The Hiram B. Scutt Mansion was built in the early 1880’s and Mr. Scutt was President of the Citizens Electric Company and held numerous patents on barbed wire. The mansion became known as “Barb Villa”. Today it still stands tall and is called the – P. Seth Magosky Museum of Victorian Life, and yes it is a museum decked out as it may have been in Victorian times.

The Historic Scutt Mansion in Joliet is one building that becomes a whole different haunted location at night. The years that have past, has seen many human tragedies within it’s four walls, from sudden deaths to a murder in the past that have left their emotional energy in the place.

One also has to remember the energy left on the Victorian items collected that make up the Museum of Victorian Life, including the room that majority of people feel spirits, a different type of energy, strong cold spots or they just feel creepy, it is the doll room. All four walls of that room are lined up with dolls from the Victorian times to the present and have that ‘just staring at you look’ on them.

That may be the reason that during the Seances I hold in the doll room, individuals have felt the presence of children spirits around them, as the room is one I consider a playground for a child’s spirit. Individuals have viewed Orbs through their camera screens at night with no flash at all, just looking and watching the Orbs through the back of their camera.

This is one of the locations over the past three years that I love to bring groups of individuals to on my Paranormal Nights. The doll room is the location that I finish the night off with a Seance for all those attending. Last year we did All Hallows Eve at the mansion and even for me it was a very strange experience .

Below you will find some videos on the location, including footage from last year, as the mansion and my Seance was showcased on a Chicago TV show.

Sunday April 25th from 1pm to at least 4pm, their will be historian tours (non-paranormal), and a Victorian type of tea party at the mansion. I will also be providing entertaining Psychic Readings at the mansion during this time. I usually do it once a month or every other month, to help assist the mansion / museum.

The tours and Victorian tea party fee is $10 per person. My Psychic Readings are up to a half hour for $20.

The Scutt Mansion is located at:
206 North Broadway Street, Joliet IL. 60435

The type of readings I will do, including Conscious Channeling Psychometry with items of loved ones that passed away, can be found at:

To hold your own Paranormal Night with friends and family at the haunted Scutt Mansion, plus all that I do – you can find information on having your own Paranormal Night
at: Haunted Historic Paranormal Nights

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The Videos:

Scutt Mansion as showcased on Chicago TV show in Oct. 2009

Scutt Mansion video by Indiana Ghost Trackers

Latin American Paranormal Society video – also ghost box in use.

Video Tour of the Scutt Mansion with Psychic Feeler Michelle and
Scutt Mansion Historian Charlie
(intro by Edward Shanahan)

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