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Photo of Spirit or Angel? at haunted Chicago area cemetery

Photo of Spirit or Angel? At haunted Chicago area Edward Shanahan Being a Spirit Feeler, I’m not one to go to a haunted location and take dozen and dozen of photos as many individuals or Paranormal Investigators do. I go to a paranormal location in the Chicago land area and maybe take ten photos.... Read more »

Chicago areas Paranormal Gem - Haunted Scutt Mansion, Joliet,IL

Chicago areas Paranormal Gem – Haunted Scutt Mansion, Joliet,IL. by Edward Shanahan Evidence on top of evidence from Chicago area paranormal investigators, the latest being Illinois Paranormal Research Association, and also in the recent past, Prairie State Paranormal, Latin American Paranormal Society, Indiana Ghost Trackers, along with the many other investigation teams that have entered... Read more »

TV's Paranormal Cops - hear them sing at meet and greet April 28th

TV’s Paranormal Cops – hear them sing at their meet and greet April Edward Shanahan You read it right. You may of seen them on A&E TV, showcased on WGN News, or read about them in newspapers like the Chicago Tribune. Four suburban police officers: Austin Weinstock, Pete Schleich, Ron Fabiani and Tom Froelich, plus non... Read more »

Entertaining Chicago Psychic Reading Parties and Paranormal Nights for you - plan now

Chicago area Psychic Reader, Paranormal Spirit Feeler and Medium, Edward Shanahan, is a provider of entertaining psychic parties and paranormal nights from Chicago and the suburbs to N.W. Indiana. Edward Shanahan’s abilities and knowledge at paranormal locations and their Spirits, have graced the pages of four paranormal books and his Seances at Chicago area haunted... Read more »

Could these be new haunted Chicago area locations?

Could these be new haunted Chicago area locations?by Edward Shanahan There are many Chicago area paranormal locations known to those interested in Chicago ghost hauntings. Paranormal books, tours and Paranormal Investigators have basically one way or another covered them, with the Paranormal Investigators as a whole group, adding evidence on top of evidence of paranormal... Read more »

Special Chicago Paranormal 7hr Tour with author Ms. Ursula Bielski on May 15th

Special Chicago Paranormal 7hr Tour with Author Ms. Ursula Edward Shanahan On Saturday May 15th, Chicago’s top Paranormal Author, Ms. Ursula Bielski who has authored over four Chicago Paranormal books, will provide a special Chicago area paranormal explore and experience tour on the Chicago area’s S.W. Side. This is a 7-Hour day and evening... Read more »

The Chicago Miracle Child

The Chicago Miracle Child grave site for miraclesby Edward Shanahan                                                                                                                               The grave site of Mary Alice Quinn, known to the Paranormal world but also known to the Spiritual and miracle seeking world as the Chicago Miracle Child. Since 1935 individuals seeking hope and miracles have come to the grave site of Mary Alice... Read more »