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In Light of the Lawsuit Chicago Is Facing: A Few Thoughts on Audible Traffic Signals for the Blind

This afternoon, I took a break from my freelance writing to catch up on some newspaper-reading.  A headline about Chicago facing a lawsuit caught my eye, because the city has definitely seen its share of legal troubles over the last several years.  I thought, “What’s the city being sued for this time?”  I was expecting... Read more »

Tribute to the orange line on its 25th birthday

On this Halloween night I was reminded by a Tribune piece that today marks the 25th anniversary of the Orange Line, something those who live on the Southwest Side or commute regularly between the Loop and Midway Airport can easily take for granted.  But getting downtown from more outlying areas of the city wasn’t always... Read more »

President Trump: Please do yourself a favor and don't pardon Rod Blagojovich

When I first saw the headline suggesting that President Donald Trump may commit former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich’s prison sentence, I hoped it was fake news, but I knew better. Since he’s been in office, the president has been using his power to pardon his political allies.  His ties to them appear to be his... Read more »

Note to my 16-year-old self: Don't follow the crowd

Tonight’s blogapalooza challenge:  What are three pieces of advice you would give to your 16 year old self? When I was 16, I thought I knew everything.  High school graduation and the beginning of college couldn’t come soon enough.  I thought I was ready to take on the world.  When I think of some sage words... Read more »

In light of Chicago's alarming number of carjackings, it's wise to be prepared

Understandably, the recent spate of carjackings that extended from Chicago’s West Side to the Gold Coast has left many residents on edge.  While a lone culprit, who has since been taken into police custody, is responsible for the latest spree, this case is just another reminder that this alarming trend is not going away.   The... Read more »

Are youth protesters ready to be the agents of change they are seeking?

I’ve been following a lot of the media coverage about the youth-led anti-gun violence protests, especially the ones in and around Chicago.  I’m especially encouraged to see Chicago Public School students reaching out to the survivors of the attack on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. It’s admirable that these kids– many of... Read more »

Separating young Congolese refugee from her mother is wrong on so many levels

This morning I was reading Rex Hupke’s column in the Chicago Tribune, in which he relates the story of how a 7-year-old girl is being held at a facility in Chicago after being separated from her mother, an asylum-seeker from Congo.  This was the first time I had come across the story, and I wanted... Read more »

My Worst Snow Day Memory

With Chicago expected to get ten inches of snow by Friday night, stories of our favorite snow day memories have been making the rounds among our fellow ChicagoNow bloggers.  All the back-and-forth on Facebook led some one to ask if we could start sharing our worst snow day memories, and one immediately came to mind... Read more »

Cook County saw at least 26 cold-related deaths in 2017: Protect yourself and your loved ones against winter's chill

-Courtesy of Pixabay Illinois consistently ranks among the top five states that report the highest numbers of cold-related deaths.  Hypothermia is most likely to set in when temperatures are below freezing, though it can still be a threat when the mercury reaches 40 degrees or so.  Infants, the elderly, and people with other health conditions... Read more »

By actively promoting free speech, the University of Chicago is setting an example that other educational institutions should follow

I have to admit, when I first learned that Steve Bannon had been invited to speak at the University of Chicago, my first reaction was along the lines of, “What?  Why?  What are students going to learn from him if he talks about his racist views on campus?” Then I thought about U. of C.’s... Read more »