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Random Super Bowl Memories

Tonight’s Blogapalooza question: Write about your favorite Super Bowl memory. OK, so I have to admit, I’m not a huge football fan, so I don’t get into the Super Bowl as much as some folks do.  Therefore, I don’t have a favorite memory from one particular game.  But I do recall a few that, for... Read more »

Cook County saw at least 26 cold-related deaths in 2017: Protect yourself and your loved ones against winter's chill

-Courtesy of Pixabay Illinois consistently ranks among the top five states that report the highest numbers of cold-related deaths.  Hypothermia is most likely to set in when temperatures are below freezing, though it can still be a threat when the mercury reaches 40 degrees or so.  Infants, the elderly, and people with other health conditions... Read more »

By actively promoting free speech, the University of Chicago is setting an example that other educational institutions should follow

I have to admit, when I first learned that Steve Bannon had been invited to speak at the University of Chicago, my first reaction was along the lines of, “What?  Why?  What are students going to learn from him if he talks about his racist views on campus?” Then I thought about U. of C.’s... Read more »

Non-profit animal shelter should return Reggie to his owner

-Courtesy of Abel Uribe/Chicago Tribune A picture of a fat, long-haired cat in the Chicagoland section of the newspaper caught my eye this morning.  As a cat-lover, I had to read the article accompanying the photo. The report describes the custody battle one Logan Square resident is fighting over a cat she adopted from the... Read more »

Pay off all that holiday debt before planning your summer vacation

It’s long been known that Chicago has a reputation for a high crime rate, high cost of living, and high traffic congestion.  Apparently, we’ve recently earned another dubious distinction. According to a report in the business section of the Tribune, Chicago is “leading the pack,” as the article put it, in defaulting on credit card... Read more »

Here's to believing for a better 2018 for Chicago

Last year was definitely not the best for Chicago.  2017 marked yet another year of population decline as thousands of former residents flocked to neighboring suburbs, other parts of the Midwest or Sun Belt states in search of better jobs and lower living costs. Last year we saw our fair share of scandals and negative... Read more »