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My favorite spot in Chicago: the lakefront

Tonight’s Blogapalooza Challenge: Write about your favorite place in Chicago.   Is it somewhere only you know? Is it a popular place? What is it like? -Courtesy of Chicago Tribune This is a challenging question because it’s so hard to narrow it down to a “favorite” place.  It’s tough to limit myself to just one,   In... Read more »

We spend weeks preparing for Christmas, and then it's all over so quickly

I can’t believe Christmas Day is almost over.  We spend weeks getting ready for it.  For some people, that starts with Black Friday.  Others do their Christmas shopping throughout the year so they’re not scrambling around looking for just the right gifts while everyone else is on a similar mission.  Still others wait until the... Read more »

Who will host the CPS science fair after 2018?

I was disappointed to learn that, after almost 70 years, 2018 will be the last time the Museum of Science and Industry hosts the CPS science fair.  The museum cited “resource constraints” as a factor in its decision not to host the citywide event after that year.  However, it is committed to helping CPS find... Read more »