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When I finally said good-bye to my shabby apartment

I can’t believe another month has flown by and we’re almost into December.  Tonight’s topic is: Write about a time you had to say goodbye.  (Your first instinct may be to focus on a sad goodbye and focus on a person, that’s of course fine if it’s where your mind takes you. But also consider... Read more »

Kick off this season of giving by supporting the Englewood Chess Team

Kids on the South Side, many of whom cope with a variety of challenges in their neighborhood, are finding success and fulfillment through an unlikely pursuit.  They’re learning critical thinking skills and the importance of not giving up. Thanks to math teacher Joe Ocol, students at the Earle STEM Academy in Englewood are discovering potential... Read more »

Letting the "higher ups" in the Laquan McDonald case off the hook sets a dangerous precedent

I was incredibly disappointed, to say the least, when I learned that the grand jury charged with investigating the officers who were connected to the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald had been disbanded earlier this week. That means no more indictments, no more investigations, even though several officers associated with the case have yet to... Read more »

A Tribute to DNAInfo

I happened upon it while looking for something I wasn’t sure I would find.  I was on a quest for additional material for my blog.  I’d read all the daily Tribune articles pertaining to the city and suburbs, and, while they were interesting and informative, something was missing.  I wanted a grass-roots, behind-the-scenes look at... Read more »