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Eight things I've learned about Halloween

–Courtesy of Pexels I think I enjoy Halloween more as an adult than I did as a kid.  Back then, it was serious business.  Having the best costume and collecting enough candy were everything.  Now, I’m the one passing out candy, and I can have fun making my own costumes, just because.  Looking back on... Read more »

Finding my sense of humor

 Tonight’s Topic: Write about and describe your sense of humor. (How has it evolved over your lifetime? Is it mainstream? Who and what do you find funny? Who and what do you NOT find funny?) I love this question because making people laugh is one of my favorite things to do.  The first time I... Read more »

GOP efforts to amend Governor Rauner's abortion bill don't go far enough

In response to Governor Bruce Rauner’s decision to expand access to abortions in Illinois, some GOP lawmakers are pushing a measure of their own. Several Republicans have withdrawn their support from the governor after he moved to extend abortion coverage to Medicaid recipients and state employee health insurance policyholders.  Using taxpayer money to fund a... Read more »

The Schaumburg woman who killed her disabled daughter should serve the entirety of her sentence, and get the medical care she needs

In May 2015, Bonnie Liltz thought she was dying.  Suffering from poor health because of damage to her digestive system following radiation treatments, she woke up one morning in excruciating pain. She thought of her daughter Courtney, who had cerebral palsy and was completely dependent on her.  Liltz feared that no one would be able... Read more »

The Chicago-area man wounded in the Las Vegas shooting offers a perspective that we need to consider

Chicago Tribune reporters spoke with a man from St. Charles who was wounded in the Las Vegas shooting.  He said he did not believe that assigning political meaning to the tragedy would do any good. “As common people we try to make sense of it, but we are not capable of thinking the way (the... Read more »

President Trump should have laid politics and pride aside while visiting Puerto Rico

After reading about President Trump’s behavior upon his arrival in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, I was disappointed, to say the least.  I have to ask, “What really was the point of his visit, and is the island any better off because of it?” While he had a few good things to say to Puerto Rican officials,... Read more »