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When it comes to our flag, and our nation in general, let's have some respect

Amid the firestorm about the NFL players and the two Chicago cops who “took the knee” in protest of racism, President Trump, and all manner of issues that threaten to divide our country, I’ve been tempted to keep silent, watching from the sidelines, reluctant to enter the fray, hoping that this would blow over in... Read more »

It's not all about me, anyway

Tonight’s Blogapalooza Hour topic:  “Write about something in your life you once obsessed about but now rarely, if ever, think about” (Can be a good or bad obsession, about a person, place or thing.) “Did I do something wrong?”  “Was it something I said?”  Are they all going to hate me now that they know... Read more »

Are we taking technology over the top?

All the recent publicity about lawsuits against companies like Shutterfly over privacy concerns got me thinking about how technology is increasingly encroaching on our boundaries. Many of us look forward to the latest “thing”- whether it’s the iPhone X or the next update to our favorite social media platform.  While most of these advances offer possible... Read more »

Allowing the tent city in Uptown to remain doesn't solve the real problem

Homeless people living under the viaducts in Uptown are facing uncertainty as they are likely to be displaced to make way for construction.  Last month, the tent-dwellers were given notice that they had to leave the premises.  Advocates for the homeless are asking the city to either stop construction or allow the homeless to relocate... Read more »

When it comes to sign violation citations in Chicago, it's all about the dollar signs

$94, 731.95.  That’s how much a group of 18 businesses owes the city in fines and fees.  They’ve been cited for having signs in their windows or on exterior walls without a permit.  Because they’ve refused to pay, the fines have been increasing daily. According to DNAInfo Chicago, there’s been a huge jump in the... Read more »

Reflections on the end of a fleeting Chicago summer

Earlier this evening, I was reading Mary Schmich’s column in the Tribune, in which she encourages readers to do that “one last summery thing” before September draws to a close.  Even though we usually consider Labor Day to be the season finale, we still have a few more weeks before the mercury dips and the... Read more »