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Vacuuming is a dreaded chore, but I guess I have to suck it up

Of all the devices I use regularly, the vacuum cleaner is among my least favorites.  While it’s convenient and leaves those lines in the carpet that give me added reassurance that the chore has been completed in full, I still dread using the loud, unwieldy, and sometimes unpredictable appliance. I don’t remember how old I... Read more »

CPS will have to find creative ways to fund new requirements

I was surprised to see new academic requirements rolled out recently by CPS in the midst of its increasing budget deficit.  My first thoughts were, “Why are they doing this now?  How are they going to pay for it?” Initially I just shook my head, thinking it couldn’t be done.  After all, it’s not the... Read more »

What we're learning from suburban teen who hacked grading system: If at first you don't succeed, file, file a lawsuit

Earlier this month, the Tribune reported that the Glenbrook North high school student expelled for attempting to hack into the school’s grading system had filed a lawsuit challenging his punishment. Less than a month after it was filed, he’s back in the classroom.  Should we be surprised? A judge ordered that he be allowed to... Read more »

Get Ready Chicago: Beach Season Opens Friday

Crews take care of some clean-up work to get the 31st Street Beach ready for summer fun beginning this Friday.  — Photo credit  –Chicago Tribune Memorial Day weekend is fast-approaching, and that means it’s time to pack up your swimsuit and sunscreen and head to the beach.  Chicago’s 26 lakefront hotspots will be open from... Read more »

An illegal immigrant living in Indiana calls America "inhumane" for deporting him

Some of you may have already seen the article in today’s Tribune about Armandao Paez, a Colombian immigrant living in Elkhart, Indiana, with his wife.  He also has 3 adult children.  He worked as a server at a popular Italian restaurant and took on a second job to help put his kids through college. He... Read more »

How can we hold DCFS accountable?

Two days ago, I wrote about the death of a Joliet Township toddler whose family had been under investigation because of alleged neglect.  I noted that I didn’t think we should blame the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services too hastily if, as they claimed, there were no signs of physical trauma or any... Read more »

We shouldn't rush to blame DCFS for Semaj Crosby's death

I was reading Dahleen Glanton’s column in the Tribune this morning while watching the sun come up.  In her article, she wrote about 17-month-old Semaj Crosby, found dead in her home in Joliet Township a day and a half after she was reported missing. The toddler lived in a rental home with her mother, siblings,... Read more »

Five things we can learn from the fidget spinner fad

-Photo credit:  Chicago Tribune The widespread availability of fidget spinners makes them seem almost ubiquitous.   There’s been a new addition to schools in Chicago and around the country, something touted as a way to help kids, especially those with special needs, concentrate in class, but is really just a marketing ploy to get parents... Read more »