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New high school application process rolled out by CPS limits school choice

In our fast-paced city, this is probably old news by now, but a couple days ago CPS announced its revised high school application process. Henceforth, eighth-graders will fill out a “common application,” on which they can rank their top choices of high schools–  up to 20, in fact.  When the applications are processed, they will... Read more »

You Are What You Think

As a man thinks in his heart so is he. – Proverbs 23: 7 New International Version The Bible quote above has rung true for me on many occasions, especially when it comes to confidence. Being confident can open a lot of doors, or at least, give you the courage to open them.  There are... Read more »

As violence spreads, we can't afford to just do nothing

As violence spreads, we can't afford to just do nothing
I was reading Dahleen Glanton’s column again today.  In it, she notes that violence has spread to parts of the city where violent crime was once almost unheard of.  Places like Navy Pier, McCormick Place, Grant Park.  Recently, two boys were shot in affluent Old Town during spring break. Some crime-ridden neighborhoods with a few... Read more »

Fish in the basement: Looking Back at the Great Chicago Flood

Photo credit:  J.J. Madia, a city civil engineer, opens a steel door at an entrance to the tunnels Tuesday. Sixteen bulkheads are fitted with watertight hatches. ( Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune ) The downtown streets teemed with people as commuters headed to work.  Buses chugged along the congested thoroughfares.  Retail establishments made last-minute preparations before opening... Read more »

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's New Graduation Requirements Probably Won't Make the Grade

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants the city’s high school students to be thinking ahead to life after graduation.  Toward that end, he’s proposed that, beginning with the class of 2020, students won’t be able to graduate unless they can present an acceptance letter from a 2- or 4-year college, a trade union, or the military.... Read more »

We Need More Than Surplus Funds To Help Chicago's At-Risk Youth

During my daily reading of the Chicago Tribune, I came across Dahleen Glanton’s column, “Time to invest in efforts to curb violence, unemployment.”  She points out that Mayor Rahm Emanuel would be well-advised to spend the city’s $57 million in surplus funds (from investments) on programs to help at-risk young people in the city’s most... Read more »

North Chicago Mayor's Luxury Car Lease Drives Government Spending in the Wrong Direction

How would you feel if some one offered you a brand-new luxury car with the option to lease it?  What if you explained that it was a bit out of your price range, only to be informed that local taxpayers would pick up the tab? That’s what happened in North Chicago.  Mayor Leon Rockingham Jr.... Read more »