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A Book That Keeps Me in Line

People used to consider me really rough around the edges.  When in a frustrating situation or around someone who annoyed me, I showed my displeasure openly.  I said whatever came to mind without much forethought.  Consequently, my mouth got me in trouble.  A lot. Then something changed.  Two nights before I graduated with my master’s,... Read more »

Chicago Protesters Put Jobs, Education on the Line to Support Immigration in All Its Forms

Throngs of demonstrators crowded into Chicago’s Union Park.  Hundreds took the day off from work and many parents kept their children home from school.  Employers closed their businesses, some even encouraging their workers to fight for the cause.  Advocates of the rallies urged participants not to make any purchases or conduct business transactions- online or... Read more »

New Trier Parents Advocate for Conservative Voices

On February 28, north-suburban New Trier High School is planning to hold a civil rights event for students at the Winnetka and Northfield campuses.  Students can choose from about 100 different sessions, covering topics such as “Disney and Racial Stereotypes” and “Tracing Food Inequality:  Food Deserts in Chicago.”  Oh, and there’s another presentation that seems... Read more »

Chicago-Area High School Faces Accusations of Discrimination Over Swimsuit Prices

These days, it seems there’s no limit to what is considered discrimination.  The US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is investigating Lincoln-Way High School District 210 after a student complained about higher swimsuit prices for girls. The complaint alleges that the district committed gender discrimination by charging more for girls’ swimming attire.  The... Read more »

Amid Fiscal Shortfalls, Declining Enrollment, and Other Hurdles, Chicago State Plans New Campus

By now, many of you may have seen the write-up in this morning’s edition of the Tribune about Chicago State proceeding with its plans to build a campus on the West Side despite myriad issues that plague its current South Side location. Nearly a decade ago, state legislators agreed to allocate some $40 million for... Read more »

Chicago Gang Members Pledge to Meet with Trump to "Reduce That Body Count"

Last Wednesday Cleveland-area pastor Darrell Scott reported that local gang members (current and former) want to meet with Donald Trump to talk about how to cut down on the violence that plagues Chicago.  The pastor has ties to Trump, so gang members thought this would be an effective way to gain an audience with the... Read more »