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Fewer Days in the Classroom Is Not the Right Answer for Chicago Public Schools

In light of continued fiscal shortfalls, a member of the Chicago Board of Education suggested shortening the school year to save money.  Such a plan has not been announced publicly, as CPS is still considering all of its options. There will, however, be four furlough days coming up, giving the troubled school system some time... Read more »

Can We Use Vacant CPS Properties to Address Social Ills in the Community?

Last week an article on the front page of the Chicago Tribune caught my eye.  It seems the Chicago Housing Authority has been met with some criticism after a report was released revealing that the agency has been stockpiling resources to pay off its debts…while approximately 119,000 households on a growing waiting list await placement.... Read more »

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's "Scoop and Toss" Debt Management Requires Chicago Residents to Pick Up Much of the Tab

The mayor has recently unveiled his plan to Wall Street investors about how he intends to resolve the city’s current budget shortfall:  Take on new debt to pay off the old. His $1.2 billion package is meant to pay off old bonds with the proceeds from new ones, known as “scoop and toss” borrowing.  It’s... Read more »

Chicago Organizers Plan Rally to Resist Immigration Policies

A rally is scheduled in Chicago on January 14, less than a week before the inauguration, as part of a national day of action.  The gathering is intended to promote the interests of undocumented immigrants, Muslims, and refugees, three groups that may be impacted when Trump takes office. At the protest, groups who support undocumented... Read more »