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My Worst Fears Never Came True

You think of grade school as a carefree time, but no matter what stage of life we are in, it seems we find things that seem really stressful at the time, but then later we realize we didn’t really have anything to worry about. In grade school, I used to worry a lot about missing... Read more »

Chicago Authorities Weigh in on Tobacco, Immigration, Labor, Homelessness

In a flurry of activity (or lack thereof) this week, the city has arrived at some important decisions regarding several issues. While more than a dozen aldermen voted against it, a majority voted to approve Mayor Emanuel’s relaxed rules on flavored tobacco sales.  The move served to repeal part of a 2013 ordinance, and business... Read more »

Chicago-Area Colleges Create "Safe Spaces" To Help Students De-stress

Area colleges are taking steps to help students manage end-of-semester stress. Roosevelt University called it Stress Fest.  Students could take a break from studying for final exams to sculpt Play-Doh, color, or decorate cookies.  The school even brought in miniature horses to help students decompress. The University of Illinois at Chicago provided a bubble-wrapped room... Read more »