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Never Too Old for Drama...But We Should Be

As a kid, and even a teenager, I remember being intrigued by the concept of adulthood.  I was an only child for almost ten years and many members of my family are childless (or were during much of my childhood), so I sometimes felt like the only one my age in a world of grown-ups.... Read more »

Eating in a Greenhouse

I’m not sure which is the best meal I’ve ever eaten, but one of the most memorable is my wedding reception.  My husband and I got married at a place called Creekwood Garden in north Louisiana.  It’s popular for outdoor weddings and other occasions because of its lush landscape with plenty of tress and paths... Read more »

Chicago Protesters Fight for $15...and More Civil Disobedience Arrests

By now many of you have probably seen news coverage of the protests going on in Chicago and across the country.  If you happened to be at O’Hare Airport, the McDonald’s on Chicago and Damen, or Northwestern Memorial Hospital today, you got a real-time glimpse of the action.  Maybe you were even among the throngs... Read more »

Looking for a Place to Donate to? Consider DuPage Food Pantry

Looking for a good cause to contribute to this holiday season?  With Christmas just weeks away, and Thanksgiving barely behind us, this is a time when many of us count our blessings and think about ways we can give, especially to those in need. Next week, a food pantry is slated to open at the... Read more »

Mayor Promises Commitment to Keep Chicago A Sanctuary City

In response to President-elect Dona’d Trump’s promise to crack down on illegal immigration his first day in office, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel proclaims his commitment to uphold the city’s thirty-year tradition of being a sanctuary city, the Tribune reports. Among other things, Trump has promised to deport the 2-3 million undocumented aliens who have criminal... Read more »

Lake Zurich Team Allowed to Play Despite Hazing Allegations

Amid allegations of “egregious locker-room behavior” after a football game on the night of November 3rd, suburban Lake Zurich High School players were still allowed to advance to the play-offs two days later.  Though the district supposedly considered forfeiting the game, they decided that a “constructive” approach was more appropriate. According to the Tribune report of... Read more »

In Chicago, Trump Protesters Make Their Point, Or Do They?

Watching Wednesday night coverage of the Trump protests in downtown Chicago, I had to ask, “What’s the point?” After gathering at Trump Tower, protesters, and some Trump supporters, took to the streets in support of their cause, which was…what?  What did they hope to accomplish by denouncing the President-elect? Admittedly, some of Trump’s backers didn’t... Read more »

Chicago Ordinances Raise Airport Parking Fees, Regulate Lawn Sprinkling

Not surprisingly, Mayor Rahm Emanuel included, as part of his 2017 budget plan,  increases in airport parking fees.  Some of the increases are modest.  Right now at Midway, you can pay $46.75 per day; next year it’ll go up to $50.  At O’Hare, certain rates will jump from $24.75 to $32.  O’Hare has more parking... Read more »