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Keeping Up with Current Events

The printer whirred energetically, more awake at 6 a.m. than I was.  Early sunlight began to fill the room, reminding me that time was limited.  I hurriedly gathered a few pages together, stapled them rather clumsily, and placed them in a folder in my bulging backpack.  Such was my weekly ritual when I wrote for... Read more »

For Mobile Vendors, Chicago Food Truck Regulations Leave Bad Taste

The city’s crackdown on food trucks has mobile business operators scrambling for places to set up shop, while others are going out of business altogether, the Tribune reports. The food truck ordinance was passed in 2012, but stipulations weren’t strictly enforced until a media investigation in recent months led the city to monitor mobile vendors... Read more »

Chicago Aldermen Want to Curb Frustrations over Parking Zones

City Clerk and Democratic nominee for state comptroller Suzana Mendoza questions Chicago’s parking permit policy.  It’s supposed to give residents guaranteed parking space in front of their own homes.  Often, though, the permits don’t offer much protection. The zoning practice started in 1979, when North side residents had to compete with Northeastern Illinois students for... Read more »

Buying Red Bull Might Help Get Cook County Out of the Red

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is proposing a new tax on sweetened beverages.  Consumers will have to pay an additional penny per ounce of lemonade, soda, or sports drinks that they purchase.  Yes, it also includes fountain drinks.  The tax may not sound like much, but it definitely adds up.  A six-pack of pop... Read more »

When It Comes to Raising Revenue, Chicago's Got It In the Bag

Just when you thought the city had come up with every possible tax strategy, there’s a new one on the table, or should I say the conveyor belt?  That’s right.  The 2017 budget proposal which will be launched on Tuesday includes a possible 7-cent tax on paper and plastic shopping bags, the Tribune reports. If It... Read more »

Amid CTU Talks, Chicago Charter Teachers Plan Walkout

Throughout this weekend, Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union will attempt to reach an agreement as the teachers’ strike planned for October 11 draws nearer.  Amid the heated talks, another group is vying for attention, teachers at Chicago’s charter schools. Teachers at the UNO Charter School Network may be having their own walkout... Read more »