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Chicago Terrorist Wants Early Release from Prison to Attend College on Federal Aid

Chicago terrorist Shaker Masri had plans to don a bomb vest and blow himself up next to a busload of US soldiers.  Toward that end, he intended to go to Somalia to train with radical jihadists.    Fortunately, authorities intervened before he could carry out the clandestine operation.  Masri pleaded guilty and was sentenced in... Read more »

Feeling Loved on My Birthday

I’m going off-topic one more time today for another impromptu session.  This is therapeutic!  Tonight our topic is to write about a time some one made us feel special. Fortunately, I’ve had several of those occasions, but one that comes to mind right now is the time my friend Rick threw a little get-together for... Read more »

You Might Call It Junk, But It's Treasure to Me

In case anyone’s wondering why this is off-topic, this is an impromptu blogging session, a time when i will take a break from conservative (and sometimes critical) commentary. I don’t have many things that I am very attached to, but there are a few items that I can’t bring myself to get rid of.  Some... Read more »

Chicago City Council OK's Water Tax to Shore up City Employees' Pensions

Earlier this week, the City Council voted 40-10 to approve the water tax that Mayor Rahm Emanuel had long been advocating, the Tribune reported. On top of all the other taxes, fines, and fees imposed upon Chicago residents within the last two years, the heightened water and sewer bills will cost the average household $53... Read more »

Trading the Apple for a Nest Egg: Chicago Teachers Need to Contribute to Pensions

After the long Labor Day weekend, classes have finally gotten underway for some 300,000 Chicago Public School students.  Sadly, they may find their studies interrupted as early as next month.  After  the Chicago Teachers Union consistently fails to reach an agreement with the city and state regarding budget cuts,  the seemingly ubiquitous threat of a... Read more »