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Obama Library Will Begin New Chapter for Chicago's South Side

In case you’ve not seen the headlines yet (spoiler alert), Obama has officially made his choice for the site of the Presidential Library.  It was a toss-up between the Jackson Park and Washington Park communities, according to the Chicago Tribune. Obama decided to go with Jackson Park instead of its adjacent, inland neighbor.  As a... Read more »

Quirks in the Kitchen and Other Tales of Twisted Tastebuds

Tonight, for our impromptu blogging session, our group was given a topic regarding food preferences we have that others find quirky.  I had to think about this for a while.  On the whole, my eating habits are pretty conventional, at least according to my standards.  It hasn’t always been that way, though. Before I got... Read more »

Proposed Hate Crime Law Incites Protest

If you’ve been anywhere near the Homan Square Police building anytime since last Friday, you probably  couldn’t help but notice what was going on across the street. In an abandoned parking lot dubbed “Freedom Square,” you may have seen tents, with large groups of people seated underneath, sipping from water bottles  and Solo cups to... Read more »

Illinois Governmor Apologizes to Chicago Teachers' Union Over Email Remarks

Governor Bruce Rauner recently apologized to the Chicago Teachers’ Union about inappropriate remarks in a 2011 email. Rauner’s apology came last Friday in response to some finger-pointing regarding a statement he made five years ago,  claiming that half of Chicago Public School teachers were virtually illiterate.   He admitted that his remarks were “inaccurate and... Read more »

Chicago-Area Family Helps Kids With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

A Tinley Park family concluded their first week-long camp session through a program they created to help kids with fetal alcohol syndrome, the Chicago Tribune reports. Earlier this summer, at a north-suburban campground, 12 youths from six states participated in a first-time camp for kids with FASD, a spectrum of disorders associated with alcohol exposure... Read more »

Chicago Tenants Want a Share In Property Tax Rebates

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has proposed a plan to offset an upcoming property tax increase, the Chicago Tribune reports. According to the proposal, residents may qualify for a tax rebate of up to $200.  Amounts are adjusted for income and property tax increases.  Only residents with a gross income of $25,000 or less with a tax... Read more »

Chicago Nonprofit Helps Mentally Ill Access Services, Stay Out of Jail

According to the Chicago Tribune, there’s a new organization on the scene helping to fill service gaps for people who struggle with mental illness. The Pariah Foundation, created by Brandon Clark, and brothers Mark and Matt Wilke, raises funds to help people with mental illness.  Clark’s primary motivation for spearheading the effort came from seeing... Read more »

CTA Bus Pilot Programs Drive Residents to Voice Grievances

Residents in Chinatown and Bridgeport are speaking up about potentially inadequate operating hours of a test run of a local bus route, the Chicago Tribune reports. In 1997, CTA cancelled bus service on 31st Street because of low ridership.  This past spring (2016), the CTA board voted to restore 31st Street bus service as a... Read more »

Special Edition: Remembering Summer As A Carefree College Student

For our impromptu blogging session, our blogging community was asked to think of any age and relate what summer was like for us at that age. When I think of summer, I call to mind images of Popsicle-eating kids, vacations at the beach, no school, and pool parties. I’m not sure I could write about... Read more »

Chicago Protester's Excessive Bail Sparks Protest

A local judge has been met with reactions ranging from disbelief to outrage after she set bail at $350K  for a protester who lashed out at police over the weekend. Residents and visitors witnessed the rally that began at Taste of Chicago on Saturday, when demonstrators turned out to protest the recent police shootings of... Read more »