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Going Off-topic, Going Against the Grain

Going a bit off-topic tonight as our blogging community was given a topic for an impromptu writing session.  Our subject:  Since rules are made to be broken, write about rules you routinely break or want to break. I could write about this one for days, but since we have an hour to write, I’ll try... Read more »

Chicago Considers Buying Debt from Public Schools

According to the June 27th evening edition of the Chicago Tribune, Mayor Emanuel proposed a change in city investment rules last week.  The proposal would allow the city to buy debt from so-called “sister agencies”, such as Chicago Public Schools, regardless of the credit-worthiness of the agencies in question. Emanuel insisted that this is not... Read more »

Chicago-Area Police Records Raise Concerns About Accountability

Recent incidents of the Chicago Police Department’s misuse of power have led to increased tensions between police and the public.  Though it claims no wrongdoing, the  City sees the need for reform as it spends alarming amounts of taxpayer dollars to settle these cases, the Tribune reported yesterday. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been the target... Read more »

Chicago City Council Regulates Business

This week has proven a chaotic one for the Chicago City Council, as they considered multiple ordinances to place more regulations on the business community amid pressure from community members and high-profile lobbyists. The City voted this week to require Chicago employers to provide at least five days of paid sick leave for virtually all... Read more »

Chicago Police Superintendent Calls for Accountability to Curtail Gun Violence

The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday that, in a recent panel discussion, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson recounted the abysmal results of the violence that ensued throughout Fathers’ Day weekend.  The tally of those shot totaled 59.  Of these, 13 lost their lives.  Johnson also noted that on average, nearly every hour of every day this... Read more »

New Chicago Program Offers Second Chance to Juvenile Offenders

A new program is offering an alternative to crime and gang activity for teens from seven Chicago neighborhoods. A running club for at-risk teens began meeting this past March, the Chicago Tribune reported this weekend.  Probation officer supervisor and grants coordinator for the Cook County Juvenile Probation Department Francisco Arenas wants to keep teens from... Read more »

Chicago City Council Considers FBI Background Checks for Uber, Lyft

According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, the City Council is considering an ordinance that would require ride-hailing companies, such as Uber, to impose more rigorous background checks on driver candidates. Taxi drivers undergo more intense training and screening than ride-hailing drivers do.  In fact, cabbies are subject to FBI-backed scrutiny of their... Read more »

Looking Back: Highlights of My College Career

Going a bit off-topic this morning for an impromptu blogging session. Our blogging community has been presented with the topic of describing a time when we felt we were “at the top of our game.”    I’ve had several of those, along with a few seasons where that was not the case.  I especially remember... Read more »

Tensions Brew Over Wrigleyville Liquor License

A recent evening edition of the Chicago Tribune reported on the City Council’s attempt to compromise with the Cubs to settle the issue of liquor sales on the plaza being built next to Wrigley Field. In late 2013, the Cubs petitioned the City Council for zoning rights to set up a sports plaza that would... Read more »

CHA Considers Keeping Section 8 Contracts "In-House"

According to a report in the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Housing Authority is considering terminating its contracts with private agencies that oversee the city’s Section 8 program, which issues vouchers to low-income people who want to rent private apartments or houses.  Many end up on waiting lists and remain there for years before affordable housing... Read more »