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UIC study: Car washes in Chicago exploit workers, violate wage and safety laws

UIC study: Car washes in Chicago exploit workers, violate wage and safety laws
On a bad day Oscar Olivares earns $5 a day in tips working as a car washer, a good day can get him $55, but most of the time the pay is somewhere in between and that’s his only income for that day. The 45-year-old Salvadorian immigrant has been working in this industry for eight... Read more »

Unjustly fired bakery workers get last paycheck

Unjustly fired bakery workers get last paycheck
This morning, former employees of Rolf’s Patisserie in Lincolnwood are counting a small victory. As regular readers may recall, the company’s 134 employees were let go last month with no notice. To make matters worse, their final paychecks bounced. Today, news is spreading that the company will not only make good on the workers’ last... Read more »

Majority of Chicago's disabled population estranged from the labor market

This week, we’ve chronicled the plight of disabled people working or trying to work in Chicago. It’s certainly not easy. On Tuesday, we showed how people with a disability make substantially less than people who work around them, especially in the most well-to-do neighborhoods. On Wednesday, we showed that only a small percentage of the... Read more »

In some Chicago neighborhoods, only a tiny fraction of disabled people work full time

Does being disabled mean you can’t hold down a full-time job? While it shouldn’t, in many Chicago neighborhoods, it seems so. When The Chicago Reporter took a look at the number of people working full time in Chicago from 2009 census data, between the ages of 16 and 64, we found a lot of neighborhoods... Read more »

Chicago workers fight back against stolen wages

Every week in Cook County, $7.3 million dollars is stolen, according to the Center for Urban Economic Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago. No, it’s not a bank heist or even a sticky-fingered politician. It’s wage theft–employers stealing money rightly owed to their employees. Thursday was the national day against wage theft, and... Read more »