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Chicago workers fight back against stolen wages

Every week in Cook County, $7.3 million dollars is stolen, according to the Center for Urban Economic Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago. No, it’s not a bank heist or even a sticky-fingered politician. It’s wage theft–employers stealing money rightly owed to their employees. Thursday was the national day against wage theft, and... Read more »

Now that the condo boom is a bust, Daley introduces protections for renters

Mayor Daley is proposing a renter protection bill that mandates more notice from developers who want to convert to condos. In the current recession it’s hard to think of any developers selling anything, in fact many new condos are sitting vacant, or being offered as rental units. Also in the news… The recession might be... Read more »

Foreclosures continue, with few participating in mortgage assistance program

The number of Chicago area households participating in the federal mortgage modification program is at an all-time low, even as foreclosures continue. Also in the news… Young, urban, single women have beat out men as wage earners, according to a new study. This is because they tend to have more college degrees. As soon as... Read more »

A tale of two Katrinas

Five years later, the numbers show government relief after hurricane Katrina mostly helped middle-class and white families in Mississippi and Louisiana, often excluding black families and low-income families. Also: City college officials are proposing ending open admission and pushing remedial education back on high schools. Critics say this will discourage students looking at higher education.... Read more »

Interfaith Worker Justice's new reader

People seeking to learn more about workers’ current situation and relationship with organized religion have a valuable new resource: Interfaith Worker Justice’s A Worker Justice Reader: Essential Writings on Religion and Labor. Edited by Joy Heine, the book contains an introduction by Kim Bobo, the organization’s founder and the author of Wage Theft in America. The dedication... Read more »