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The face of poverty in Chicago suburbs is no longer what you might think

If the suburbs once represented the American dream, recent poverty numbers show it may be time to reconsider the concept.  The suburbs once symbolized a certain level of financial success and comfort, while cities were where most of the nation’s poor lived. Now the suburbs seem to have caught up. In fact, since 1990 there... Read more »

Race and poverty roundup: Woodlawn Mental Health Clinic protests continue, 6-year-old is handcuffed, officers who shot autistic boy cleared, and more...

After three nights, the tent city outside the Woodlawn Mental Health Clinic is no more. Police evicted protesters trying to keep it and five other mental health facilities from closing by April 30. Despite this setback, protesters told The Chicago Reporter they plan to set up camp again across the street from the clinic. Bill... Read more »

Do upper-middle-class white people just have higher IQs? A Washington Post columnist seems to think so

Is it 1912, or 2012? You’d be forgiven for being confused after reading an op-ed in this week’s Washington Post by political scientist Charles Murray who writes that if there’s an education gap in our society in which whites are out-performing other groups, it’s because students flagging behind are just not smart enough. “(C)hildren’s IQ... Read more »

How segregated is this city? Chicago speaks

A recent study of segregation in Chicago by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, based on census data, found that while Chicago still has the dubious honor of being the most segregated major city in America, it also experienced one of the sharpest declines in spacial segregation. What do you think? We asked some Chicagoans... Read more »

Public education improved during the Daley era, especially in the eyes of white parents

The imprint of former Mayor Richard M. Daley was left on public education perhaps more than it was in any other arena.During his tenure, test scores improved, the percentage of adults with a high school diploma increased, a slew of well-regarded charter and selective-enrollment schools were established–and a higher percentage of white parents sent their... Read more »

Let's get real about race

When the topic of race comes up, does who you’re with shape what you say? Sitting with people who share your racial identity, would you use words or phrases that you might not use in “mixed company,” for fear of offending someone? Maybe you’d tolerate or even laugh at a joke that normally you might... Read more »