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Five years, and you're done: D.C. moves to set strict welfare time limits

In a surprise move, representatives from the District of Columbia’s poorest areas put forward a controversial regulation that would limit a family’s access to all public assistance to five years. Food stamps, medicaid, child care assistance, housing vouchers, welfare, education, job training –if the government has a program to help you out, you’ve got a... Read more »

Illinois extends jobs for 26,000, but thousands more Americans could get pink slips

For many Americans, today is a sad day. For 240,000 people, it might just be their last day on the job. Why?  They’re employed through the TANF emergency fund – a government subsidized jobs program that’s put 26,000 people to work in our state. Governor Pat Quinn announced Tuesday that he’ll use state funding to... Read more »

A welfare program that actually works is on the chopping block

We’ve gotten a lot of lousy news out of this recession: rising unemployment, skyrocketing poverty, beleaguered banks, political fights. But there’s at least one good thing that’s come out of it. But, even that could be over soon. It’s called the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Emergency Contingency Fund. You might recognize the first four... Read more »