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Social justice the Rx for racial health-care gap, Cook County medical chief says

Social justice the Rx for racial health-care gap, Cook County medical chief says
African Americans in Chicago suffer from high rates of HIV/AIDS, diabetes and hypertension, as well as childhood obesity and infant mortality. Because they’re disproportionately low-income, they are less likely to have health insurance, and even fewer have dental coverage, according to a fact sheet produced by chief medical officer of the Cook County Department of... Read more »

Race, poverty and politics: Countdown to teachers' strike; TIF revenue falls; IL partners on insurance exchange

Illinois will partner with the federal government to offer a health insurance exchange in 2014, The State Journal-Register reported Thursday. “Logistical challenges” prevented the state from creating its own exchange, which health advocates wanted. That way, a state-appointed board of directors could determine how it works. The exchange is essentially an online marketplace where consumers... Read more »

Job training program caters to an emerging group of unemployed

Only in its second year, Chicago Career Tech, a job training program for unemployed Chicagoans, is seeing the number of applicants grow exponentially. Unlike other programs, the nonprofit focuses its services on an emerging group of unemployed: Those who, until recent economic downturn, held a job earning middle-income wages. Since its launch in 2010, roughly... Read more »

Who's fighting for low-wage workers?

Many of us can’t imagine raising a family on $10 an hour. And yet, every day, thousands of Chicagoans do it. The U.S. government estimates that one-third of all American workers are “low-wage workers”–people who’s wages are so low that even if they worked full time, their wages wouldn’t lift them above poverty. So, what... Read more »

Got a disability? You'll see the difference in your paycheck

A lot of people might assume that if you have a disability, you might not make as much money as someone without a disability. But how much less? How hard is it for people with disabilities in Illinois to get by compared to their neighbors? Well, it depends on where you work. That’s what The... Read more »

Many poor people have a job--they just don't get paid

Poor people are poor because they don’t want to work, right? That’s what a lot of Americans believe. But imagine working 40 hours a week, even putting in overtime, and having nothing to show for it. That’s a reality for many of Chicago’s workers who experience wage theft–employers circumventing the law by paying under the... Read more »

Chicago workers fight back against stolen wages

Every week in Cook County, $7.3 million dollars is stolen, according to the Center for Urban Economic Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago. No, it’s not a bank heist or even a sticky-fingered politician. It’s wage theft–employers stealing money rightly owed to their employees. Thursday was the national day against wage theft, and... Read more »

Put Illinois To Work reports creating 26,000 jobs this year. Will it be renewed?

New reports boast 26,000 jobs created by Put Illinois To Work, the largest federally funded employment program. Three quarters of those jobs are in Chicago. The program, supported by millions in stimulus dollars, expires at the end of the month and supporters are hoping Congress will extend funding. Also in the news … Massachusetts just... Read more »

Now that the condo boom is a bust, Daley introduces protections for renters

Mayor Daley is proposing a renter protection bill that mandates more notice from developers who want to convert to condos. In the current recession it’s hard to think of any developers selling anything, in fact many new condos are sitting vacant, or being offered as rental units. Also in the news… The recession might be... Read more »

Foreclosures continue, with few participating in mortgage assistance program

The number of Chicago area households participating in the federal mortgage modification program is at an all-time low, even as foreclosures continue. Also in the news… Young, urban, single women have beat out men as wage earners, according to a new study. This is because they tend to have more college degrees. As soon as... Read more »