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News Roundup: Daley focuses parts of budget on neighborhood safety, economic recovery

In his final budget briefing, Mayor Daley announced that he will use $38 million in surpluses from the city’s Tax Increment Financing districts to balance the budget. He also noted that spending  will be limited almost exclusively to projects focused on neighborhood safety and economic recovery. More at chicagoreporter.com   Also in the news… Democratic... Read more »

News Roundup: Understaffed police departments will finally get more officers

The Chicago Police Department, which is currently understaffed by about 2,300 officers each day, may be getting a bit of relief. And it might not come at a better time after a summer of shootings throughout various neighborhoods. Funding for 200 new officers has been worked into the 2011 budget. The new year will also... Read more »

Why felons should (or shouldn't) vote in the coming election

In Illinois, 45,545 people won’t vote this year. It isn’t that they won’t have the time. It’s not that they lack motivation. It’s not that the lines are too long, or they can’t get to the polls. It’s where they live – in prison. Although Illinois is one of the few states that allows ex-offenders... Read more »

Foreclosures continue, with few participating in mortgage assistance program

The number of Chicago area households participating in the federal mortgage modification program is at an all-time low, even as foreclosures continue. Also in the news… Young, urban, single women have beat out men as wage earners, according to a new study. This is because they tend to have more college degrees. As soon as... Read more »