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Undocumented Life: Report claims detention centers are unfairly punishing immigrants

Many of the country’s immigration detention centers use solitary confinement improperly to punish detainees, according to a new report from immigration activist and doctors. The report alleges that undocumented immigrants housed in detention centers, including McHenry County Jail and Tri-County Detention Center, are often being punished with a 23-hour lockdown also known as “solitary confinement.”... Read more »

Undocumented Life: A year in, only a handful of immigrants benefit from 'prosecutorial discretion'

Sebastian Pineda talks about his deportation case in his Little Village home.
Sebastian Pineda sits quietly on the wooden bench, staring at the dingy white wall and at times glancing at the mother of his two boys. He’s patiently waiting, even hopeful. His wife sits inches away, sobbing uncontrollably. She too is waiting. It’s clear she’s less hopeful. The couple is in the administrative court in Chicago... Read more »

Undocumented Life: Chicago-area U.S. citizen becomes first to sue over detention under Secure Communities

When James Makowski pleaded guilty to drug possession in 2010, he agreed to enter a 120-day boot camp as punishment. He figured it wouldn’t be as bad as the boot camp he completed when he entered the U.S. Marines. But instead of boot camp, James ended up serving two months in a maximum security prison... Read more »

An Undocumented Life: Two Sisters of Mercy nuns bring prayer and respect to deportees

Every Friday morning around 4 a.m. Sister JoAnn Persch and her best friend of 53 years, Sister Pat Murphy, go to the Broadview immigration processing center to help and comfort dozens of undocumented immigrants about to be deported later that morning. The nuns not only provide pastoral care, but they talk with immigrants and help... Read more »

Immigration activists accuse Chicago Police of violating local "sanctuary" ordinance

Immigration activists accuse Chicago Police of violating local "sanctuary" ordinance
Immigration activists are accusing Chicago Police officers of violating a 2006 ordinance that dubbed Chicago a “sanctuary city” for undocumented people by prohibiting city agencies from cooperating with federal immigration officials. At the center of the allegations is Rose Tchakounte, a Cameroonian asylum seeker, who has been in federal custody since she was pulled over... Read more »

Chicago immigration attorneys sentenced to federal prison for their role in marriage scam

A North Chicago immigration attorney and his twin brother were sentenced to 24 and 12 months, respectively, in federal prison on Wednesday for their roles aiding a marriage fraud ring. Manny Aguja, who was expelled from practicing immigration law last month, and his twin brother Marc Aguja, both 55, were also ordered to each pay a... Read more »

Immigration activists arrested during Secure Communities protest

Immigration activists arrested during Secure Communities protest
During an emotional and heated public hearing, aimed at giving feedback about the controversial Secure Communities program, dozens of activists walked out to block West Washington Street and an exit ramp from I-94 freeway. “Stop the lies and terminate the program,” immigration activists and supporters chanted as they walked out of the hall, where the... Read more »