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News Roundup: Chicago experiences gains in labor market recovery

According to the Illinois Department of Employment Security, Chicago’s unemployment rate dropped to 9.7 percent in August, a decrease from last year’s figure of 10.1 percent. Eight other metro areas in Illinois experienced a similar decline. Judging from the Reporter’s analysis of the Department of Employment Security’s numbers in 2008, this slight job growth probably... Read more »

Why are taxpayers supporting high salaries for a company that's losing money?

photo courtesy of flickr/David Paul Ohmer The publicly-funded agency that manages Navy Pier and McCormick Place has increased its number of six-figure staff, despite the fact that the agency lost $3.6 million last year and is projecting a $28.8 million loss for its current fiscal year. The Chicago Sun-Times reports the full story in its... Read more »

Are stimulus numbers accurate?

Controversy is brewing over federal statistics detailing the number of local jobs saved by the stimulus package. According to a recent analysis by the Chicago Tribune, some of the numbers just don’t add up. In particular:–    The feds reported that 473 teachers’ jobs were saved in North Chicago. The district only employs 290 teachers.–    The... Read more »