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Bill would give businesses that hire ex-offenders bigger tax credits and more

Bill would give businesses that hire ex-offenders bigger tax credits and more
It’s known as “the box”–the little square that job applicants are expected to check on an employment application if they have a criminal record. Cities and states around the country have passed laws to mitigate the effects of “the box” for ex-offenders. Now, Springfield is approaching the issue from a different direction–giving businesses an incentive... Read more »

A holiday twist: Sears closings and tax credit expansion

Lawmakers in Illinois breathed a sigh of relief on Dec 16, when the legislature finally managed to approve a tax cut that would keep Sears Holdings Corporation from moving its headquarters out of state. In an economy where businesses aren’t hiring many, it’s extra bad if the businesses you do have pack their bags and... Read more »

Chicago activists tell Senator Kirk: Don't balance the budget on the back of the poor!

The government shutdown was averted. But we still don’t know what exactly has been cut from the federal budget, the $38 billion that finally led to a compromise. Activists from 10 Chicago organizations aren’t waiting to find out. They’re standing up to let U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk know they don’t want cuts to human services.... Read more »

What the heck is the EITC?

A bunch of states are throwing around the idea of eliminating the Earned Income Tax Credit. Why do they want to get rid of it, and what is it anyway? Today, a simple primer on the credit–whom it’s for, what it does, why it works, and why it’s on the chopping block. More at chicagoreporter.com... Read more »