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The face of poverty in Chicago suburbs is no longer what you might think

If the suburbs once represented the American dream, recent poverty numbers show it may be time to reconsider the concept.  The suburbs once symbolized a certain level of financial success and comfort, while cities were where most of the nation’s poor lived. Now the suburbs seem to have caught up. In fact, since 1990 there... Read more »

Latinos' share of population rising

Census data from last year’s count is bringing into focus a demographic commonality the State of Illinois, Cook County and the City of Chicago increasingly share: the steady growth of the Latino community, both adults and children. Data released by the U.S. Census Bureau earlier this month show that statewide more than 23 percent of... Read more »

News Roundup: Jobs program extension keeps thousands employed over the holidays

As unemployment benefits start to run out, Gov. Pat Quinn announced yesterday that he is extending the “Put Illinois to Work” program, which has employed 26,000 Illinoisans, until Jan. 15. The extension was paid for with $47 million from the $1.3 billion sale of tobacco bonds, which are backed by payments the tobacco companies make... Read more »