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Displacement, segregation, safety: Chicago schools still have a long way to go

Displacement, segregation, safety: Chicago schools still have a long way to go
The teachers strike gave people a glimpse of the realities that many low-income urban students face every day. Overcrowded classrooms, weeks without textbooks, and after-school hours marred by violence. While the teachers’ contract won gains for students in some of these areas – textbook distribution on the first day of class, 600 additional art teachers... Read more »

Public education improved during the Daley era, especially in the eyes of white parents

The imprint of former Mayor Richard M. Daley was left on public education perhaps more than it was in any other arena.During his tenure, test scores improved, the percentage of adults with a high school diploma increased, a slew of well-regarded charter and selective-enrollment schools were established–and a higher percentage of white parents sent their... Read more »

News Roundup: Unemployment claims rise unexpectedly

As the economy continues to reel, claims for unemployment benefits increased by 20,000 last week to 457,000, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Wall Street experts had predicted a smaller jump. More at chicagoreporter.com   Also in the news… CEO of Chicago Public Schools Ron Huberman confirmed that he plans to step down at... Read more »

News Roundup: Illinois continues to struggle to educate students who are poor, minority

Out of the 491 Illinois schools that are at least 90 percent poor and 90 percent minority, only one has also managed to get 90 percent of its students to meet state testing standards.   More at chicagoreporter.com Also in the news.. Six of 15 convicted corrupt building and zoning inspectors allegedly used connections to... Read more »

News Roundup: Completed foreclosures up 44.9 percent

Completed foreclosures in Chicago have increased by 44.9 percent over the last year, according to the Woodstock Institute. Ninety-five percent of the properties were acquired by lenders instead of third-party buyers. Because many lender-owned properties remain vacant longer than those owned by third-parties, municipalities will struggle as the properties decrease tax rolls and increase maintenance... Read more »

News Roundup: Poverty on the rise in Chicago's suburbs

According to a new survey by the University of Chicago, the majority of Chicago suburbs suffered a 50 percent increase in the number of poor residents between 2000 and 2008. Suburban social service agencies are struggling to meet the swelling demand, especially in light of financial losses last year. Nonprofit donations are already more difficult... Read more »

News Roundup: Chicago experiences gains in labor market recovery

According to the Illinois Department of Employment Security, Chicago’s unemployment rate dropped to 9.7 percent in August, a decrease from last year’s figure of 10.1 percent. Eight other metro areas in Illinois experienced a similar decline. Judging from the Reporter’s analysis of the Department of Employment Security’s numbers in 2008, this slight job growth probably... Read more »

News roundup: As interest rates fall, so has interest in new homes

Even with mortgage interest rates dropping to 50-year lows, the demand for mortgages is falling. The number of mortgage applications has been falling for three weeks straight. Some say this could be due to double-dip recession fears or a hope that interest rates will fall  further. Also in the news… The number of uninsured Americans... Read more »

The media mulls over Mayor Daley's legacy, and his replacement

The media is tracking the hits and misses of Mayor Daley as he announces his retirement. Big misses include corruption, and privatization. The tearing down of public housing is considered both a hit and a miss. Now politicians and advocates debate what kind of leader should replace Daley- African American? Pro-Business? Less autocratic? The TIF... Read more »

Now that the condo boom is a bust, Daley introduces protections for renters

Mayor Daley is proposing a renter protection bill that mandates more notice from developers who want to convert to condos. In the current recession it’s hard to think of any developers selling anything, in fact many new condos are sitting vacant, or being offered as rental units. Also in the news… The recession might be... Read more »