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RACE and racist language

RACE is a contentious, inflammatory topic that can make for an awkward dinner conversation. But Pulitzer Prize winner David Mamet didn’t shy away from the hot-button topic in his play, RACE, which delves into the racial dynamic between two high-profile lawyers–one black, one white–as they defend a wealthy white client who is accused of raping... Read more »

Race and poverty roundup: US citizen deported, the rise of class consciousness and a controversial 'Avoid Ghetto' app

What’s moving in the world of race and poverty, on Chicago Muckrakers weekly. A U.S. teen mistakenly deported to Colombia brings a hailstorm of criticism to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. A stressful early childhood can have long-reaching effects, says Nicholas Kristof in The New York Times, so we should look for a poverty solution... Read more »

Should black children be parented differently?

Should black children be parented differently?
When Dr. Kerby Alvy was working in the Watts neighborhood of South Los Angeles in the ’70s, he noticed something in his job as a clinical psychologist: “So many parents I was working with were having trouble communicating with their kids. Why weren’t we training parents?” he said. He also realized the intense challenge for... Read more »

How the model minority myth hurts Asian Americans

How the model minority myth hurts Asian Americans
Everyone knows the stereotype, right? Asian children are good students. They play piano and violin. They excel in everything. Asian adults have advanced degrees and high incomes. Asians haven’t struggled like those other minority groups that are still unequal. Asians are the model minority. They excel. But the idea of the “model minority” is like... Read more »

Second City or dead last? Income apartheid in Chicago

What can you buy for 45 cents? I can’t think of much. Maybe a pack of gum? Even that might be difficult. But what can you buy with a dollar? Sure, a dollar’s not much, but there’s lots to be had. The entire dollar store is yours for the taking. Fast food? The dollar menu... Read more »

The ugly whitewashed face of persistent racism

There was a time in American life where only white women appeared in fashion magazines and advertisements. A woman of color showcasing a brand new car or expensive clothes? You’ve got to be kidding. And although women of all skin tones are now fashion models and celebrities, the idea that real beauty is “white” hasn’t... Read more »

News Roundup: DePaul accused of racism in tenure review

DePaul University faculty members are calling for an investigation into whether race was the issue in a June decision by board members to deny tenure to two minority professors. According to a university appeals board, the tenure review process is biased and has violated academic freedom in at least one case. At the same time when the two... Read more »

News Roundup: Austin CAPS cuts worry residents

Proposed reassignments of Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) officers have begun, and already some Austin residents are concerned. Community leaders are worried that communication will weaken between the police and residents. The region has the fourth highest level of crime in the city. More at chicagoreporter.com   Also in the news... The CHA has formed... Read more »

Black families being torn apart by unfounded accusations of child sex abuse

Imagine you’re a foster child – neglected by your own family, moved from home to home – until you find that one place, that one family, where you belong. Finally, you’re safe, with a foster parent that loves you and takes care of you. Until you’re ripped from that home one morning, all because someone... Read more »

Is the Tea Party trying to keep black voters from the polls?

I recently saw a hilarious sketch at Second City. At a polling place on election day, an election official informed voters that voting had been privatized by the Tea Party, and because of that, they were required to take a literacy test in order to vote. White voters, even the crazy, shirtless, drunken ones, were... Read more »