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Barber Shop Show Video Review: Segregation, poverty and health

Some communities in Chicago should come with a Surgeon General’s warning. That’s what Steve Bogira, senior writer for the Chicago Reader, says when it comes to looking at the effect of racial segregation on the health of Chicago residents. Bogira joined us at Carter’s Barber Shop in North Lawndale on Friday for our weekly radio... Read more »

Did the public housing transformation destroy Chicago's black voter base?

When you write about public housing, you meet some interesting characters. One of the most interesting was Tyrone Galtney–a former Robert Taylor resident who self-published a book on his political conspiracy theories on the Plan for Transformation. Galtney has one unshakable belief: Chicago’s massive demolition and rebuilding of its public housing stock was orchestrated to... Read more »

Why does Chicago's entrenched segregation matter?

Census made the headlines yesterday. The summary? Segregation: still bad, but not as bad as it was. Nationwide, black segregation is at the lowest level it’s been in 100 years. But here in Chicago, we have less to celebrate. In 2000, 83 percent of African Americans would have had to move to be evenly distributed... Read more »

How segregation caused the housing crisis

How segregation caused the housing crisis
It used to be extremely difficult to get a home loan if you weren’t white. Especially if you lived in a black neighborhood. Banks created maps to show which neighborhoods they would not give home loans to, a process coined here in Chicago in the 1960s called “redlining.” Black families could rent a house, but... Read more »