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Good News: Racial health gap narrows ... Bad News: It's still wide

Since most of what we report here on Muckrakers is rather bleak, it’s always enjoyable to report something positive. So, here’s the good news: the gap in life expectancy between black folks and white folks in America has narrowed. But there’s bad news: the gap is still pretty big. According to the newest data released... Read more »

Second City or dead last? Income apartheid in Chicago

What can you buy for 45 cents? I can’t think of much. Maybe a pack of gum? Even that might be difficult. But what can you buy with a dollar? Sure, a dollar’s not much, but there’s lots to be had. The entire dollar store is yours for the taking. Fast food? The dollar menu... Read more »

Second City or dead last? Chicago's sky-high minority poverty rate

Every city has poverty, right? Travel around the world, and it’d be difficult to find a city that doesn’t have a ghetto or at least a “wrong side of the tracks.” They say that the poor are always with us, but they never mentioned how many there might be. This week, as we look at... Read more »

Tribune nursing home story points out another racial disparity

The Chicago Tribune showed today that some seniors are victims of rape, beatings and other violent acts at the hands of mentally ill residents living in the same facilities.   In at least two cases, someone died from injuries in such an attack.     This is a concern for all seniors considering entering a nursing... Read more »

Forget a price war: Jewel and Dominick's could make money by just coming to the South Side

As local grocery store chains lower prices in an effort to lure more shoppers, many South Side residents spend billions of dollars elsewhere because their communities lack sufficient retail outlets as Natalie Moore of Chicago Public Radio explains. In The Chicago Reporter’s new cover investigation, Kelly Virella documents how race and gentrification may drive the... Read more »

Lisa Madigan drops another discrimination lawsuit on Wells Fargo

Last month, The Chicago Reporter raised the question: “If Baltimore sued Wells Fargo, why aren’t we?” Today, the Illinois Attorney General became the latest in a growing line of folks to charge the lending giant with discriminatory lending practices. After raising that question, the Reporter revealed that among the nation’s 10 largest lenders, black borrowers... Read more »