Tag: racial disparities

Second City or dead last? Income apartheid in Chicago

What can you buy for 45 cents? I can’t think of much. Maybe a pack of gum? Even that might be difficult. But what can you buy with a dollar? Sure, a dollar’s not much, but there’s lots to be had. The entire dollar store is yours for the taking. Fast food? The dollar menu... Read more »

Why felons should (or shouldn't) vote in the coming election

In Illinois, 45,545 people won’t vote this year. It isn’t that they won’t have the time. It’s not that they lack motivation. It’s not that the lines are too long, or they can’t get to the polls. It’s where they live – in prison. Although Illinois is one of the few states that allows ex-offenders... Read more »

Do racial stereotypes influence verdicts?

Two photos of an armed robbery reveal masked gunmen. They are identical except for the color of their skin. Who is guilty? According to a study recently unveiled by researchers at the University of Hawaii, people are more likely to judge a black person guilty over a white person. Participants watched a photo slideshow of... Read more »

Chicago psychiatrist pushed drugs to seniors

A Chicago psychiatrist who over-prescribed antipsychotic drugs to nursing home patients was paid $490,000 to promote the drug by its manufacturer, according to the Chicago Tribune. The report was part of the Tribune’s ongoing investigation into nursing home safety. According to the report, Dr. Michael Reinstein promoted the popular antipsychotic drug, Seroquel, for its manufacturer... Read more »