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Lathrop rallies Saturday against CHA threats of removing residents

Lathrop rallies Saturday against CHA threats of removing residents
Throughout the long, arduous process of figuring out what will happen to Lathrop Homes, a low-rise public housing development on the North side along the Chicago River, residents say they’ve always been guaranteed one thing by the Chicago Housing Authority: those Lathrop residents that wanted to stay through the entire revitalization process would be allowed... Read more »

Can the CHA really drug test public housing residents?

There’s a lot being said about the Chicago Housing Authority’s new proposal to drug test all of its residents. Many residents have come out against it. Others are all for it – saying they think it’ll make public housing safer. But I wanted the facts. Is drug testing legal? Will it keep people safe? Does... Read more »

Did the public housing transformation destroy Chicago's black voter base?

When you write about public housing, you meet some interesting characters. One of the most interesting was Tyrone Galtney–a former Robert Taylor resident who self-published a book on his political conspiracy theories on the Plan for Transformation. Galtney has one unshakable belief: Chicago’s massive demolition and rebuilding of its public housing stock was orchestrated to... Read more »

Cabrini-Green's last day

A man looks out over the city from the gallery of 1230 N. Burling St. building.
Today, the last remaining family moved out of the last remaining Cabrini-Green high rise. I’ve avoided going down there in the last week or two. Not because I didn’t care, but because there were so many media outlets covering it that it didn’t really make sense. In my short career in Chicago journalism, I’ve often... Read more »

Desegregating Chicago: not an easy task

When I talk with people about the demolition of Chicago’s public housing, there’s one question people ask over and over: Where did everybody go? I wish it was a simple question to answer. I’ve wondered it myself countless times. But chronicling the moves of hundreds of families–many of whom live on the margins of society–wouldn’t... Read more »

Cabrini residents say they won't go

Cabrini-Green may be almost gone, but there are still a few residents left fighting for their homes. At the last open high-rise at 1230 N. Burling St., near the corner of Halsted and Division streets, four families stood up and said they won’t be pressured to move out earlier than planned. In July, all the... Read more »

Remembering Cabrini-Green as it was

1230 N. Burling St., the last Cabrini-Green building that is still open.
Awhile back, I sat on the porch of one of the new condos that’s been built where the Cabrini-Green housing project one stood. I was talking with two girls – twin sisters – who had grown up in the high rise buildings but now lived in one of the new units with their parents. More... Read more »