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America, are we post-racial or even more racial?

A California Republican official sent this image in an email in 2011 to some members of the Orange County Republican Central Committee. The image created a firestorm, went viral and eventually the official apologized and asked for forgiveness.
Four years ago, the historic election of President Barack Obama moved the nation to ponder: Are we now a post-racial America? And no matter how people responded to that question, most Americans seemed to acknowledge the election of our first black president symbolized, at the least, that our nation has moved some distance beyond the... Read more »

Let's get real about race

When the topic of race comes up, does who you’re with shape what you say? Sitting with people who share your racial identity, would you use words or phrases that you might not use in “mixed company,” for fear of offending someone? Maybe you’d tolerate or even laugh at a joke that normally you might... Read more »